Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band
Frederick, Maryland
Meeting Minutes

May 31, 2022

Call to Order
The Band Boosters meeting officially began at 7:37 pm at GTJHS and was presided over by Traci Poppert, with Ellen McGuinness as secretary.

Traci Poppert, Dan & Denise Failacci, Ellen McGuinness, Moira Fisher, Teresa Vaughn, Nick Gasemy, Jaclyn Smith, Krista Allen-Bossaller, Robin Marquorts, Lenka Syslova, Pierre & Loi Angeles, Jen Anderson, Jo McManus, Kyle Poppert, Staffano Vilchez, Cora Preda

April minutes were approved.  1st Krista, 2nd Robin, unanimous.

Director’s Report -- Mr. Gasemy
  • 2nd marching clinic is 6/2/22
  • New staff member = Marcos Vargas.  He is trying to get an FCPS position.
  • “Connection” Projects are happening during class.
  • Football schedule coming out soon – Homecoming game will be either Friday night or Saturday afternoon.
  • No regional competition this year as Salisbury is outside the bus zone.
  • 3-4 competitions this fall.
VP1  – Teresa
  • Delegating the Uniform Room – 1) all positions filled 2) it needs one final clean out.
  • Needs to turn over sizes to new people.
  • Uniforms need to be cleaned by November, then dry cleaned once each year.
Secretary – Ellen
  • None.
VP2 (Student Accounts) – Krista
  • All good!
  • Remaining senior funds will be transferred to the scholarship fund.
  • Statements will be coming out soon.
Treasurer – Jaclyn
  • APRIL 2022 -- $5368.79 in, $3440.32 out
  • Income sources = Hershey Park tickets, Bingo, Wine (Spin the Bottle), KIDA, Bus refund, Indoor fees
President’s Report – Traci
  • The banquet went well!
    • Kyle’s video was fabulous!
    • Gasemy – “But there was too much food!  I ate for two weeks.” 😊
  • The kids have been so helpful.  Encourage more of them to come to boosters meetings.
Fundraising – Denise Failacci
  • Revenue – 1) Hershey Park tickets $708, 2) Concessions $112, 3) April Scrip $426 ($341 student accounts & $77 general fund), 4) Spin the Bottle $49.26 & $251.57
  • SCRIP – Earn free $$ for your kid’s band account!
  • Committee is in planning mode for next year.
  • Summer car washes – share the information!
Dan Failacci    
  • Bylaws information.
    • 1st VP – strike out “6.6.1,” (aka, removed “Student Accounts Treasure”), moved to 2nd VP & Treasurer
  • “Quorom” = five active Boosters members, with two of them being board members.
    • Vote – 1st Krista, 2nd Teresa, unanimous.
New Business
  • Elections –
    • Voted unanimously to keep the same Board members.  (Traci, Jaclyn, Ellen, Dan)
    • Election moved to June meeting – 1st Dan, 2nd Denise, unanimous
    • Potential new Board members – 1st VP Robin Marquorts, 2nd VP Jo McManus
Next Executive Meeting:  monday 6/6/22, 7:00 PM, teresa’s house
Next booster meeting:   Thursday 6/23/22, 7:30 pm, TJ band room
Meeting Adjourned 8:36 pm (Moira 1ST, Dan 2ND, UNANIMOUS)