Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band
Frederick, Maryland
Meeting Minutes

July 13,2020

Virtually Present: Carlos Slone, Dan & Denise Failacci, Kate & Erik Dudash, Nick Gasemy, Trish Abell, Ellen McGuinnes, Kathy HIginbotham, Melina, Teresa Vaughn

Call to Order
Meeting teleconference began at 7:35pm and was presided over by Carlos Slone, with Dan Failacci as secretary.

Approval of Previous Minutes:
June Booster Meeting minutes approved. (Kate/Kathy)

President’s Report:  Executive Board met for July.  
  • Budget reviewed as always
  • Upcoming events reviewed:
    • Bingo moved to September
    • Car washes coming up.  Although everyone is masked, it is a fun time for all.  Come join us for the next one
    • New Member meeting TBD
  • Considering the times we are in, we will all need to be flexible
Vice President’s Report:  
  • Be patient about picnic and band camp.
  • We will need canopies for band camp, as well as hand sanitizer and masks.  Sign up genius coming out
  • There will be a new accessory form.
  • Even though we are not doing much at the moment, please record your volunteer hours.  This includes everything from time spent on committee projects to attending booster meetings, to car washes and everything in between.  Use whatever is most convenient for you to record your time spent volunteering for the band.  There is a link on the website to a form you can use.  Check with Carlos about a cool iPhone app he found to easily record your time using your phone (which you always have with you).
  • Jacklyn absent.  Budget attached to the minutes
  • As always, ask Jacklyn for specific details/questions.
Directors Report:
  • There is still a lot of uncertainty about school, let alone marching season.
  • The Board of Education is not cool with the current athletic/band return to activity plan.  Nick working with Kim Hirschman and FCPS to put a plan together that meets current guidelines.
  • If the school year starts out virtually, there will be no competitive season.  We will still have some kind of marching band experience for the students, regardless of how the school year starts.
  • Nick working with Kim/Bryan on band camp.  Currently set for first two weeks in Aug.  Can only do in shifts:  8am-noon, 5pm-9pm.  One shift or the other.  We will not ask people to come to school twice a day.  Shifts and activities all depend on staff availability as well.
  • Still missing intent forms from some freshman.  An email will be coming out, but if you know of someone who signed up for band and has not filled out the intent form, please direct them to Nick (Approximately 10 students missing forms.  ~66 students signed up for band)
  • Leadership meeting will take place.  Just hasn’t been set yet
  • There will be no uniform fittings.  We are looking at some kind of athletic shirt the student keeps.  Going pep-band style
  • There will be a new member meeting.  Nick is currently putting slides together.
Student Accounts:
  • All previous year senior accounts have been cleared.  Any credits not accounted for have been moved to scholarship fund.  Getting ready for new season
Committee Reports

  • This is our year to build up funds.
  • There will be a committee meeting on 7/20 at Kate’s house, social distancing of course.  Email to come out
  • Car washes – First car wash a big success.  New dates added for August:  8/1 and 8/15.  Sign up genius email coming out with new dates.
  • Bingo rescheduled for Sunday 9/13.  Looking to sell 120 tickets.  Each student will be requested to sell 2 tickets each.  More details to follow.
  • SCRIP was slow in June.
Uniform Report:

Pit Crew report:



Old Business:

New Business: