Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band
Frederick, Maryland
Meeting Minutes

July 22,2019

Present:  Dan & Denise Failacci, Trish Abell, Kathy Higinbotham, Kate & Erik Dudash, Mike & Rhonda Hillman, Scott & Hillary Lewis, Jill Philips, Carlos Slone, Kim Stevens, Krista Allen-Bossaller, Theresa Anderson, Jaclyn Smith, Shari Nakamoto, Traci Poppert, Dana Cunningham, Nick Gasemy, Stephanie Fitz-Enz, Tammy Main, Pam Walz, Stephanie Shoemaker, Peter & Lisa Riccutti, Tom & Hornyak, Johnny Gonzales, Loiuse Nalley, Laura Busch
Call to Order
Meeting began at 7:30 pm and was presided over by Mike Hillman, with Dan Failacci as secretary.

Approval of Previous Minutes:
June Booster Meeting minutes approved (Kate/Hillary).  

Disney: (presented by Mike Copen)
Packets provided at the meeting with details.  If you were unable to attend – contact Dana @ to receive electronic copy
  • Dates – Leave after school Jan 15, Return evening 1/20 (MLK Day) – only miss 2 days of school
  • Staying on Disney property – Pop Century 
  • Park passes – 1/day.  Good for all 4 parks
  • Meal cards - $30/day (food only).  New one given each day (except travel days)
  • Perform – march down Main St USA in Magic Kingdom, attend workshop
  • All FCPS school rules in effect!!!  NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Eligibility Matters!!  Must be eligible by the end of 1st term (11/7) to go
    • At least 2.5 GPA w/NO F’s!!
  • No itinerary set yet
  • Most likely fly out of BWI
  • Cost - ~$1250/student.  All final payments will be due by end of November.  Once commitment form in – you are responsible for entire cost of trip.  NO REFUNDS due to group travel.
  • Cannot commit to Disney unless current on band fees.
  • Chaperones will be needed.  Contact Dana for details.
  • For parents that wish to go along – Hotel $650 (covers up to 4 people in the room), Park passes $330, airfare is on your own.
President’s Report:  Executive Board met for July.  
  • Budget reviewed as always
  • Discussion of AFA booster idea with board still ongoing – will need supplemental meeting.
  • Car washes this weekend and 8/10
  • KIDA show March 14, 2020.  Will use whole school to host 30 groups competing that day.  An all hands event to pull off.
  • SCRIP – A great program that can help raise money for students band account without spending additional money.  Just change the way you spend your money.  Contact Rhonda Hillman ( for more info.
Vice President’s Report:  
  • Still 1 spot open (last Thursday of band camp) for pop-sicles
  • Band Picnic – Sept 7, 2019 @ Monocacy Village pavilion.  Jill P/Missy C. coordinating
  • Still in need of scholarship chairperson – see Erik
  • Still in need of Corporate donations/Grant writing chair – see Erik
  • Brought in forms to record volunteer hours.  
Treasurer (Dana on vacation):      
  • See attached budget
  • As always, ask Dana for specific details/questions.
  • When submitting money:
    • For checks – please use the memo line to PRINT student’s name, since not all parent names match student names.  
    • For cash – please PRINT students name on the envelope.
  • This will help expedite payments to your student’s accounts.
Directors Report: (Mr. Gasemy)
  • First day of Band Camp went well.  Got first 30-45 seconds of the show on the field
  • Staff is monitoring the weather/heat and the kids.  Precautions are always taken for the safety of the students.  
  • Please make sure the kids are hydrating and please try to get them to eat before camp.
Student Accounts:
  • Emails are going out.  Fees due by the end of band camp
Committee Reports

  • Email to come out with fundraising dates to help plan for individual fundraisers for your students account.
  • Car washes:  7/27 and 8/10 @ Wolfe Furniture Rt 40.  Adults and kids alike needed.  Help out if you can
Uniform Report:
  • 43 students measured – not including guard
  • 46 accessory orders received.
Pit Crew report:
Doug Johnson will be having a painting party Wed/Thurs/Fri

Expect email to be coming out requesting chaperone help once show schedule is fully set.

Old Business:

New Business: