Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band
Frederick, Maryland
Meeting Minutes

July 30,2018

Present:  Joe &  Dawn Humbertson, Dan & Denise Failacci, Kathy Arnold, Dana Cummingham, Kim Stevens, Alice & Jeff Zalatoris, Greg & Theresa Anderson, Hillary & Scott Lewis, Kate & Erik Dudash, Shari Nakamoto, Trish Abell,, Mike & Rhonda Hillman, Lori Morris, Kim Stevens
Call to Order
It began at 6:01 and was presided over by Mike HIllman, with Dan Failacci as secretary.

Approval of Previous Minutes:
June Booster Meeting minutes approved. 

President’s Report:  Executive Board met for July. 
  • Budget reviewed as always
  • 2 new podiums (scaffolds) will be purchased
  • Upcoming events were reviewed
  • Friends and Family picnic discussed – including additional games and a volunteer station
  • Long discussion on instrument lease to purchase program.  Will be discussed tonight.
Vice President’s Report: 
  • Thanks to all the parents who signed up and brought pop-sicles for Band camp.  Ice cream will be served to those who bring back their Bandade bottles Wednesday
  • Jill Phillips/Missy Carder heading up picnic:  9/15 @ Monocacy pavilion off 16th street.  Bring a covered dish.  Will immediately follow Friends and Family performance/pictures.
  • Jamie Hendi heading chaperones/supplies
  • Sonja Slone/Missy Carder heading up banquet
  • Dawn Humbertson to lead scholarship committee
  • Still need help with someone to head up Senior night:  10/12
  • None
  • For June:  ~$18.1k incoming (mostly fees)
  • Copies of final 2017/18 budget and July 2018 budget presented at meeting.  Copies will be attached to minutes.  Net for fundraisers on the right side of the sheet (white column)
  • Found that a law changed in 2013, no longer requiring organizations like band boosters to pay state sales & use tax.  TJ Band Boosters have paid approximately $2k/year in sales & use taxes.  The comptroller has indicated we are entitled to a refund for the last 3 years (~$6k).  Dana is going to appeal for the additional 2 years to see if we can get a full refund of approx. $10k. 
  • Chipolte fundraiser brought in $551.90.  March-A-Thon totals to date around $740.
  • See Dana for specific details/questions.
 Directors Report :
  • Instrument lease to purchase program:  FCPS budget has no budget for new instruments – unless the school is renovated or newly opened.  What money that does manage to come through FCPS for instruments must go through Duet w/Music (contractual thing).  Band booster money does not have to funnel through Duet.  The following are needed instruments: 
    • 2 tenor saxophones,
    • 1 baritone saxophone,
    • 1 concert tuba,
    • 1 mellophone,
    • 2 marching baritones, and
    • 1 oboe. 
  • Washington Music has a proposal to lease those instruments (5 years) with $1 at end to purchase.  For the above instruments – we are looking at $5173.21 annually.  There is approx. $8k from Hamilton fundraiser earmarked for instruments, plus some additional budget.  The boosters would need to take on additional fundraising beyond what we currently do in order to cover the cost of the end of the lease term.  Joe/Triangle Contracting asked Kim to find out the cost of the instruments to purchase outright.  Given the quoted prices – the list would add up to ~$19k.  If the boosters could come up with $10k, Joe/Triangle would cover the other $10k for purchasing (Thank you Joe!).  Kim will contact Washington Music to find out the price to purchase.  The outright purchase would mean the boosters would not have to host an additional outdoor show/large fundraiser to cover the remaining lease costs.  Again – thank you Joe/Triangle Contracting for stepping in to help make this large booster decision much easier!!!
  • Band camp is going great.  The kids could be in a little better shape, but overall the band is progressing well.
  • As always – see the google calendar for schedule
Student Accounts:
  • Final outdoor payment was due last Thursday (7/26).
  • Money goes to Dana then Greg gets the numbers for student accounts.
  • 17 students have paid in full
  • 3 concert students have still not paid fees from last year
  • March-A-Thon:  There is a form to keep track of who is giving (on website).  Only 3 have been submitted.  If you are participating in March-A-Thon, please check the website and submit your form.
Committee Reports

  • Google calendar – deadlines for fundraisers will now be posted on the calendar and an indication of which ones are for general and which ones are for individual student accounts.
  • Car wash from last weekend made $700 – one more to go:  8/11.  Still need help for the 8/11 car wash – especially since we lost 2 car washes due to weather this year.  If you are available on the 11th stop by to help out and/or get your car washed.  Wolf’s Furniture, Route 40, 1-5pm
  • Spirit wear will be coming soon
  • Bandade - make sure to bring in your bottles Wednesday to get your ice cream.  There will be substitutes for those who cannot consume dairy.  No bottle – NO ice cream 
  • Coupon books are coming back – will be an individual fundraiser.
  • Kate/Traci to work on a database of past alumni to help out with fundraising.  Mike thought one might already exist and suggested a contact (sorry –missed the name).
  • SCRIPPS – Rhonda Hillman reviewed program.  Gift card program where you can earn rebates towards student accounts.  Program has been running for 25 years.  Instead of using your credit card to purchase things you already routinely do (gas/groceries/etc) – you purchase the gift cards and use those instead.  For example – say for a $100 Giant Eagle gift card, and a 5% rebate - $5 would go to the band (instead of the credit card company).  Cannot link credit cards to them, unfortunately, for obvious reasons.  Costs nothing to try, and not buying any products. 
Uniform Report:
Everyone was fitted this week.  The shako fitting is almost complete.  Currently waiting on accessories to arrive.  The uniform room does not have an ironing board and parents bring in irons and a board to press uniforms.  Trish requesting an ironing board be purchased for the uniform room.  Mike Hill agreed to buy the ironing board.

Pit Crew report:
Prop building will be in August.

There is no August band booster meeting.

Old Business:

New Business: