Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band
Frederick, Maryland
Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2020

Virtually Present:  Carlos Slone, Dan & Denise Failacci, Kate & Erik Dudash, Nick Gasemy, Jacklyn Smith, Kathy Higinbotham, Laura Busch, Beth White, Robin Marquart, Traci Poppert, Ellen McGuinness, Teresa Vaughn, Courtney Lott-Gray

Call to Order
Meeting teleconference began at 7:36pm and was presided over by Carlos Slone, with Dan Failacci as secretary.

Approval of Previous Minutes:
August Booster Meeting minutes approved. (Jacklyn/Kate)

President’s Report:  Executive Board met for September.  
  • No official report
Vice President’s Report:  
  • Spoke with City of Frederick – Parks can be rented out now.  We could rent a pavilion if we wanted to do a picnic.  They are limiting restrooms and water.  We could bring your own food and have a social distanced picnic.
  • No report

  • Budget for August
    • Expenses - $59 (percussion)
    • Income - ~$2.4k, mostly fees/car wash
  • Next month – payments for staff/T-shirts
  • As always, ask Jacklyn for specific details/questions.
Directors Report:

  • Sorry for late information.  TJ Administration had to sit down with everyone to get things worked out.  We are full steam ahead.
  • Guidelines – check your email (Saturday 9/12).  Also contains timelines /expectations
    • 2 documents are required (same as athletics):
      • COVID-19 Parent/Student Acknowledgement waiver
      • FCPS Health information card
    • MUST BRING IN physical copy on the first day of in-person rehearsal
  • Instruments/Equipment – Need to fill out the form.
  • Google classroom no longer being used.  Everything in schoology.  There is a schoology group for the band.  ALL students need to join that group for class assignments.
  • We cannot make the in-person time mandatory. But everyone is highly encouraged to attend.  Absence forms are required if you will not be attending in person.
  • Latest email has next 2 weeks of schedule.
  • Next Monday starts the “season” schedule.
  • Masks – required for winds. Players mask with hole for mouthpiece.  Flutes exception. Percussion/guard also need masks.  Everyone is encouraged to have their own mask, but we can make them using donated masks if necessary. Teresa Vaughn has a pattern for an easy one if people can donate material or volunteer time.
  • Bell covers also required.  We can cover those, but still need one for the Tuba.
Student Accounts:
  • In pretty good shape.  38 kids paid in full, 15 have made no payments at all, and everyone else has made a payment
Committee Reports

  • Goal for the year set at $10k by board.  Roughly at 24% of that currently.
  • Car wash Saturday 9/19.  We don’t have enough signed up as of yet – still need more bodies.  Two more scheduled for October – 10/3,10/17.  Sign up genius email coming out soon.  We will adjust as necessary if conflicts with band schedule.
  • There will be a yard sale 10/10. Save all your stuff to donate to the yard sale.  Email coming out soon.
  • Individual fundraisers –
    • Greenery – Poinsettias & wreaths
    • SCRIP – If new to the program, talk to Denise Failacci for more information
  • We will be doing the Christmas tree pickup this year
Uniform Report:

Pit Crew report:


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New Business: