Helpful Competition Information

As the band gets ready for its first competition, here are a few things that might be helpful:

For traveling to the competitions, your band member will need some kind of duffel bag or back pack to keep his/her things together. It’s a good idea to have an extra pair of black socks and t-shirt packed. A water bottle is good and money to buy something to eat at the concession stand. Pack a snack for those nights that there isn’t enough time to get to the concession stand. Some of the members also pack a small blanket (school bus heat is temperamental).

Foot and hand warmers are great for the cold. These are small rectangle-shaped chemical packs that heat up. You can find them at Walmart, Target, KMART, Sports Authority. They are often in the camping sections. If you think you might want them, buy them now. They can be hard to find once it gets cold.

All of the competitions are held outdoors. Once we’re into the fall season, make sure your child has appropriate clothes for the cold nights. It might be warm when we leave, but it will get very cold once the sun goes down.

Some competitions are cold, and some are downright freezing. If you plan on attending a competition and sitting in the stands: foot & hand warmers, seat cushions, and blankets are all good. Be sure to dress warmly, lots of layers and hats & mittens. Don't worry about how you look, you won't be near your child to embarrass them! Warmth is the goal.

Lastly… please do not go to a competition alone! If you are a chaperone or pit-crew ‘widow,’ or if circumstances simply worked out so you’re on your own supporting your student and the band for any given competition, please come to the school a little before the scheduled departure time and let people know that you’re looking to carpool. We had a running joke/slogan last year about, “it takes a village to build props.” That saying is every bit as appropriate for encouraging, supporting, and cheering the band on too. If you can do some networking while waiting to pick your student up on practice evenings and work out transportation ahead of time, that’s both fantastic and to be encouraged. But if you find yourself on your own and it’s getting close to departure time, just come over to the music room area and find a chaperone, pit-crew worker, or anybody that looks like they’ve been around for a while and let them know what’s up. We’ll find you an open seat, or someone to ride with you.