Meeting Minutes

August 24, 2023

President – Moira Fisher
1st Vice President - Robin Marquart
2nd Vice President – Jo McManus
Treasurer – Kim Belisle
Secretary – Sherry McCoy Quinones
In Attendance:
Nick Gasemy, Moira Fisher, Robin Marquart, Jo McManus, Kim Belisle, Sherry McCoy Quinones, Jen Anderson, Denise Failacci. Jaclyn Smith, Jesus Encarnacion, Vrlynda Wilkes, Becky Fanilota, Louis Craig, Heidi Fisher, Yodanis Lugo, Debbie Smith, Mark Carlson, Gillian Berluti, Jenn Duthoy,
Call to order Motion Moira (President) (7:35pm)
        1st :  Kim
        2nd :  Jaclyn

Previous meeting’s minutes
no corrections
                    Motion to approve: Moira
                    1st : Jo
                    2nd  : Robin
                    Approved unanimously
First Report - Nick Gasemy (Director)
  • Welcome
  • New motto: Championship Quality
    • What is your last impression
    • On and off the field – quality and to the best of our ability
    • Current State Champions and ready to defend it – there is some spite
    • Placement and score are not the focus it is how they feel at the end of their performance. Did they do their best
    • Personal responsibility for personal growth
    • How they are growing from their mistakes
  • Doing it for social connection, doing it to be the best band, doing it for personal growth (triangle). Make a mark in the triangle where you fit. It may change. And will be posted on the band app. Everyone is here for a different reason – staff is here to support the student for the same goal but the reason for being here might be different. What is their “Why?” Current focus is on their “Why?”.
  • Looking forward: Elks Parade, Saturday rehearsals (meal breaks like band camp), uniform fittings Saturday
  • Elks parade:
    • reach out if your student or instrument needs a ride,
    • make arrangements for transportation because start and end are different places.
    • Parking is available at W Patrick or Court St near Mullinix park. Nick will be in the band room between 1-1:20pm on Sunday for instruments and equipment.
    • Lots of hurry up and wait at the parade.
    • Elks are donating $750 for the band program.
  • Weekly newsletter – make sure to read it. Committees or event planners, please send info to include
  • Family and Friends preview and potluck. Uniforms, pictures, performance, potluck picnic. Evening performance maybe around 5pm
  • Football games etc are on the calendar.
    • Sept 8th is the first home football game. May present the show.
    • Senior night is October 13th
    • (parent question about home games) Encourage students to stay after school. Warm-up time, march in to stands, play to support team, half time show, 3rd quarter off, play in stands
  • Santa’s Workshop – possibly December 9th, but nothing on the calendar yet.
  • KIDA show March 9th
  • Fundraising approval
  • Disney sign-ups must be in by Wednesday, and deposits in by September 1st . More info on Band app.
Second Report - (Treasurer)
  • Recap from board meeting (insert link)
  • $4000 is the budget for the entire TJ music program. The program costs around 45K to run. Buses, equipment, music rights, instruments, repairs, insurance, uniforms, ensemble staff/techs, janitorial fees, etc. Fundraising and fees are critical.
Third Report - Jo McManus (2nd Vice President)
  • Student accounts – please ask questions. Some accounts are already paid off. Final payment is due September 15th
Fourth Report – (1st Vice President)
  • Spiritwear order has been placed, ideally delivered September 8th for handout on Saturday at Friends and Family. Some students did not use the entire credit for spiritwear, so Robin added items to reach the credit
  • Accessory form is due tonight. If you’re missing it, Saturday is the absolute latest.
    • When the accessory form is turned in, they will receive the show wear order form with logo and concert dates, black uniform t-shirt, surprise water bottle! Every staff member and every student. Must have the accessory form turned in to receive the water bottle.
  • Show wear form must be turned in with the student’s size. Must be returned on the 9th when you receive spiritwear. Hope to have them by first competition.
  • Let Jen Anderson know if you are available to help with the uniform room
  • Let Jen Anderson know if you have a truck (Toyota Tacoma) to haul the little trailer to competitions.
  • Let Jen Anderson know if you have a large truck to haul the TJBand trailer (250 or more heavy)
  • Signup genius’s are coming out – help is here if you volunteer to lead anything or participate
Fifth Report – (Secretary)
  • Approving previous meeting notes
Sixth Report - (President)
  • Welcome and will be here next year. Thank you for being here and being involved
  • Friends and Family – Sherry, September 9th
  • Senior night October 13th – needs a chair, but Moira can walk you through it
  • Marching Band festival is at Linganore in October
Seventh Report – (Fundraising)
  • Jaclyn (BINGO)
    • 3rd annual
    • 2nd biggest fundraiser
    • Must sell two tickets (or charged to student account)
    • Overhead is completely funded by Jaclyn’s mom
    • 6 tickets already sold
    • Will add digital links to purchase online, but students receive paper tickets to sell
    • Looking for silent auction items
    • Cookie sale too (bakesale)
    • Lewistown Fire Hall also has food available
    • Sign-up genius is forthcoming
    • Made $8900, targeting to bring in $10K
  •  Cookie Sale distribution date will be the weekend after the last competition
    • Need volunteers to bake or gather store bought cookies
    • Volunteers to pack cookies in boxes to pickup
    • Boxes will be pre-paid
    • Students can sell the boxes ahead of time
  • Restaurant Fundraisers
    • MOD pizza September 28th all day
    • Chipotle October 30th on HWY26 4-8pm
    • Madrones TBD Nov 12/13
    • Krispy Kreme – moving to January
  • Raise Right
    • Gift cards
    • Fill out a form to get funds for applying the money to Disney
Other Discussion
  • Put name on attendance please as we are counting volunteer hours
  • Jen can take things into the Y for the parade.
  • Jenn Duthoy organizing chaperones and needs the info from Nick
    • Need 4 chaperones for Sunday parade
    • Chaperoning is a great way to connect with kids
    • Book 6 for competitions, needs at least 4
Next meeting:  September 21st 7:30pm
Vote to Adjourn  Moira 8:43
        1st Jaclyn
        2nd Kim
        Approved Unanimously