Meeting Minutes

April 25, 2024

TJBB general meeting (virtual)
President – Moira Fisher
1st Vice President - Robin Marquart
2nd Vice President – Jo McManus
Treasurer – Kim Belisle
Secretary – Sherry McCoy Quinones
In Attendance:
Nick Gasemy (Director), Jo McManus, Kim Belisle, Sherry McCoy Quinones, Jacklyn Smith, Denise, Failacci, Gillian Berlutti, Heidi Fisher
Call to order Motion (Moira) (7:08pm)
        1st : Sherry
        2nd : Jo
Previous meeting’s minutes
no corrections
                    Motion to approve:
                    1st :  Jaclyn Smith
                    2nd  :Kim Belisle
                    Approved unanimously
First Report - Nick Gasemy (Director)
  • Small Ensemble concert did not make the calendar - it is Monday, May 6th 7pm at TJ auditorium. Encourage your students to sign up for a small ensemble or solo - check the weekly newsletter
  • Info meeting for Marching Band next Tuesday night in the band room with a virtual link. It might be tight, but it will work so everyone can fit
  • Posters sent (with Cora’s help developing the poster) to hang around the school and emailed to other schools.
  • Spring Concert is Wednesday, May 8th
  • Awards Banquet is on the 16th (invites sent for RSVPs including to staff)
Second Report – Kim Belisle (Treasurer)
  • (see attached)
  • All taxes and certifications are completed and sent
  • Need staff to cash checks asap - Kim will send a list to Nick
  • Staff list will be sent to Kim from Nick
Third Report - Jo McManus (2nd Vice President)
  • Indoor payments are trickling in. Kim keeps Jo informed of black box drops. All seniors have paid and can walk in graduation
Fourth Report – Robin Marquart (1st Vice President) absent, info from Moira
  • Robin posted about extra spiritwear available
Fifth Report – Sherry McCoy Quinones (Secretary)
  • Nothing to report
Sixth Report – Moira Fisher (President)
  • Jazz night went well - was well attended. Final numbers not yet in. TJ Jazz, AFA combo, FCC jazz band, and Monocacy Middle participated. 2nd year back from COVID and it was a success. Thank you to everyone who volunteered
  • Banquet May 16th - Heidi, Cindy, and Sherry are working on the planning of the event. Kids have their cake decorating contest. Signup genius is forthcoming.
  • Please let Denise or Jenn know if you are interested in any of the board positions
  • The one vacant position is first VP (Robin). We propose that the 1st &2nd VP roles revert to pre-COVID roles. This proposal and vote will happen on May 29th. This will be a few sentences to amend the Bylaws. If you have any questions, please reach out to anyone on the board or to Denise Failacci and Jenn Duthoy.
Seventh Report – Denise Failacci (Fundraising)
  • Nominating committee news - Moira President, Jo McManus 2nd VP, Kim Belisle Treasurer, Cindy Canizales Secretary.  You have until we do the election on May 29th to put your name forth for a position. Show of hands if only one person running. If two or more people are nominated for a position, then there will be a paper ballot.
  • Raise Right will be handed over to Rebecca Lavo. Proposed changes need to be discussed and voted on before notes go out to parents.
  • Gatorade collection during band camp needs a chairperson, and need ice cream for when kids turn in their Gatorade bottles
  • Maybe resend the information to see if anyone is interested in fundraising opportunities and other volunteer needs (like Pit Crew, Uniform Room)
  • Debbie Smith is taking over the car washes instead of Hershey Park
Other Discussion

Next meeting
 Annual Meeting with elections - in person on Wednesday, May 29th in the band room
Vote to Adjourn  Moira 7:34pm
        1st Jaclyn Smith
2nd Jo McManus
        Approved Unanimously