Parent Involvement

It takes a village to keep this program running smoothly and we couldn't do it without the wonderful Band Boosters and the Parent Involvement. Here are some of the ways that Parents can get involved with their student's success in this band program.

Pit Crew

The Pit Crew are the parents and volunteers responsible in aiding the students in loading and unloading equipment, instruments and props onto the trailer and trucks and assisting in getting the Marching Band on and off the field and the Indoor Programs on and off the floor at shows and performances. We happily accept any and all help levels of help!
  • Pit Crew Coordinator - The Director of the Pit Crew! Coordinates with the director on what is needed from the Pit Crew to ensure a successful performance and day with the program. 
  • Truck Loading/Unloading - We regularly need help with loading and unloading all of the instruments, uniforms, equipment, and props that we have on and off the trucks at shows and back at the school. Parents don't even need to stay the whole time if they cannot dedicate the whole day! We appreciate any little bit of loading and unloading that we can get!
  • Field On/Off - Getting the programs on and off of the performance field in a fast and effective manner is a skill needed by every competitive program. There is a set amount of time for every performance and every year the needs change of how much help we need getting on and off of the field. This job can be done as few or as many times as you are able!
  • Miscellaneous - We have tons of other ways to help on the Pit Crew such as building props, cleaning and organizing our storage containers located outside of the band room, tractor and trailer maintenance and upgrades, etc. If there are ways that you would be interested in helping, let us know and we can find something for you!


The Chaperones are the parents and volunteers responsible for helping our students safely get to and from the show while assisting in the warm-up lot and the competition itself.
  • Chaperone Coordinator - The Chaperone Leader! Coordinates with the director and parents on how many chaperones are needed on any given trip and what help will be needed throughout the day from the chaperones. 
  • Buses - Ride the buses to assist the Marching Band staff to help with managing the students on the way to the competition
  • Warm-Up Lot - Carry water, basic first aid, safety pins for uniform emergencies, and other quick necessities for students to utilize should they need it prior to performing.
  • Assist Pit Crew - Assist the Pit Crew in loading/unloading of truck or getting on and off the field should it be needed that day. 
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  • Fundraising Coordinator - Leader of the fundraisers! Communicates to the Executive Board and the Band Director with what fundraisers we are planning for the upcoming year and helps to fill out our fundraising calendar to help offset the cost of the Program. 
  • Event Planning - Assist the Fundraising Chair to plan events to help offset the cost of the band Program.
  • Event Chair - Head up events and be the person of contact for any given fundraiser.