Meeting Minutes

December 21, 2023

President – Moira Fisher
1st Vice President - Robin Marquart (cont)
2nd Vice President – Jo McManus
Treasurer – Kim Belisle
Secretary – Sherry McCoy Quinones

In Attendance:
Nick Gasemy (Director), Moira Fisher (President), Jo McManus (2nd VP), Kim Belisle (Treasurer), Sherry McCoy Quinones (Secretary),

Call to order Motion: Moira (7:01pm)
        1st : Kim
        2nd : Sherry

Previous meeting’s minutes (Nov)
no corrections
                    Motion to approve:
                    1st : Kim
                    2nd  : Sherry
                    Approved unanimously

First Report - Nick Gasemy (Director)
Thank you for the 2023 season – it takes a village and thank you for doing a great season. Two great concerts, a parade, a great breakfast with Santa, and an impromptu concert at Hillcrest. Warms his heart with everything happening. Indoor information meeting at 7:30pm.  Disney informational meeting went well.  Please get caught up on Disney information if you are a part of that program. Final rehearsal with Oakdale in on Jan 8th at Oakdale. Some equipment will be staged at Oakdale that night and loaded. Marching shoes/socks will be loaded onto the truck. Might go into garment bags or plastic bags attached to the tops of the hangers. Met with Oakdale and Disney – Disney will print a banner that they carry and we get to keep. They are going to print two – one for Oakdale and one for TJ. Confirmed trailer safety and where the truck can pull in and out. Pit Orchestra info has gone out on schoology – check with your student that they have that information and time commitment/tech week/performances. One question for Jo – Will there be an opportunity for kids to drop off luggage the night before they leave? Maybe that could be at the end of the school day on Tuesday, but not at night because of all-county. Otherwise kids need to bring their luggage to drop in the band room Wednesday morning. Nick will post a reminder after the winter break about luggage drop. Jo and Sherry are curious about a carpool from the airport back to Frederick.

Second Report – Kim Belisle (Treasurer)
  • November Budget

thank you to everyone who took their Disney tickets and room! (attach budget here) Fees like buses and Kris Kringle janitorial still waiting to pay. Student fees must be paid or we cannot continue the band. Encourage payments or contact Jo or anyone on the board to make payments.

Third Report - Jo McManus (2nd Vice President)
  • Raiseright credits need to be put into student accounts, along with statements. Christmas Tree flyer is forthcoming

Fourth Report – Robin Marquart (1st Vice President)
  • (absent) from Moira: Still need 2 volunteers to lead the Band Banquet and Jazz Night

Senior parents are available to help coach through.
Championship wear is out to bid and we are looking at using and more "official" logo to mirror the Championship Banner.

Fifth Report – Sherry McCoy Quinones (Secretary)
  • nothing to report

Sixth Report – Moira Fisher (President)
  • thank Cindy for Breakfast with Santa with full breakfast was a huge success. Recurring reminder for event chairs KIDA show March 9th, Jazz night in April, Banquet in May. Question from Rodrigo about student accounts. The wire trailer is available for Christmas tree pickup. Tentatively planned for Jan 6th . Jo will post a flyer asap. Price will probably stay $20

Seventh Report – Denise Failacci (Fundraising)
  • Sherry does not have another restaurant fundraiser scheduled. Pastrami sandwich profits will be donated from Firestones in the month of January

Other Discussion

Next meeting January 29th 7:30pm virtual

Vote to Adjourn Moira (7:27pm)
        1st Kim
        2nd Jo
        Approved Unanimously