Meeting Minutes

December 13, 2022

Call to Order
The Band Boosters meeting officially began at 7:345 pm via Google Meet and was presided over by Traci Poppert, with Ellen McGuinness as secretary.  

Nick Gasemy, Robin Marquort, Traci Poppert, Jaclyn Smith, Denise Failacci, Debbie Smith, Sherry McCoy-Quinones, Kim Belisle, Ellen McGuinness

The November minutes were both approved, 1st Robin, 2nd Jaclyn, unanimous.

Director’s Report -- Mr. Gasemy
  • Concert week was great!   “Thank you.”
  • The fall semester is rounding out.
  • Tuesday 12/20 the kids are going on a fieldtrip to the middle schools to promote the band.
    • All of AFA is going, so various groups are going to different elementary and middle schools in the feeder pattern.
    • The kids will be working on pushing recruitment to the TJ Band program.
  • Mr. G will be sending out a survey to the band kids with a feedback form – asking about the recent marching season.  It is optional to be anonymous.  
    • He is curious about the number of shows this recent season, the rehearsals, and just the general vibe of the fall 2022 marching season.  Super useful information!
  • Bryan H is helping the TJ band with selling some drums.  The starting asking price is $5K.

Treasurer – Jaclyn
  • IN = $11,184,80
    • $45.21 Amazon
    • $5,482.72 Bingo
    • $1.145 Cookies 
    • $1,200 Corporate Fundraising
    • $105 Show/Spiritwear
    • $439.57 Raise Right (scrip)
    • $652 wreaths/pointsettias
    • $240 Towson ticket sales
  • OUT  $ 5, 257.96
    • $102.80 1099 forms
    • $1,250 bingo games
    • $12.00 scrip (Raise Right)
    • $25 Kris Kringle parade
    • $2,800 techs
    • $612.68 props
    • $455.48 truck rental

VP1 – Robin  
  • Waiting for quote for show shirts.
  • Waiting for quote on bibbers.
  • Meeting soon with uniform moms.

Secretary/Chaperones – Ellen
  • No secretary report.
  • Chaperones – a new chair is needed for next year.  Ellen will help!

President – Traci
  • Kim Belisle is shadowing Jaclyn for the Treasurer position.
  • Robin is shadowing Traci for President.
  • Sherry is shadowing Ellen for Secretary.  

*Scholarships have been awarded!
*Santa’s Workshop
Kudos to Cindy Canizales, Robin Marquort, Stephanie Vindelwald, Denise Failacci and Jen Anderson – you ladies were all fantastic!

*Old Line – first $ is due 12/16 and percussion 2nd $ is due 12/16

*KIDA Home Show = 3/11
*We need everyone!
*trophies and awards, sponsors, judges room,
*Kid volunteers

VP2 (Student Accounts) – Jo  (not present)
  • Student Accounts
    • The same students continue to remain past due as from last month.

Fundraising – Denise Failacci & Cindy Canizales & Krista AB
  • Santa’s Workshop was successful & Denise wishes all a big THANK YOU!
  • 1/8 Christmas tree pickup – please have your trees out by 9 am.
    • We have two trucks already but could use 1-2 more, & we need kids to help!
  • TJ band got $137 from Raise Right in the past month -- $510 went to student accounts & $106 to the general fund.

Corporate Fundraising – (Traci, on behalf of Tom Keller)
  • It is going well!
  • Tom is meeting with the executive group of kids on 12/14/22.

*No pit crew information.
*No uniform information.
*No new business.

Next Executive Meeting:  Wednesday 1/4/23 @ Robin’s house
Next booster meeting:   Monday 1/23/23, virtual.
Meeting Adjourned 8:13 pm
*1st robin, 2nd jaclyn, unanimous