Meeting Minutes

February 29, 2024
President – Moira Fisher
1st Vice President - Robin Marquart (cont)
2nd Vice President – Jo McManus
Treasurer – Kim Belisle
Secretary – Sherry McCoy Quinones

In Attendance:
Nick Gasemy (Director), Moira Fisher (President), Robin Marquart (1st Vice President), Sherry McCoy Quinones (Secretary), Jen Anderson, Denise Failacci

Call to order Motion (Moira) (7:03pm)
        1st : Sherry
        2nd : Robin

Previous meeting’s minutes
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Motion to approve:
                    1st : Robin
                    2nd  : Debbie
                    Approved unanimously

First Report - Nick Gasemy (Director)

  • In the middle of concert season and adjudication.
  • KIDA home show is a big deal. The importance will be shared out widely including alumni and staff. This is our biggest fundraiser. (shares screen of director’s packet) The packet includes maps, costs, wristband info, timelines, contact info etc. Entire campus is used, changing rooms, warm-up areas, eating, how to move onto and off of the floor. Awards are in - plaques and certificates - stored in uniform room. Equipment truck parking lot as well as how to drive through the lots for drop off, handicap parking, etc. Maps, GPS links included. QR code at check-in with “where to go/ bathrooms/ eating/ seating.” Would like to schedule a meeting Thursday or Friday to review the information for those working the KIDA show. The auditorium will be open for groups to use to leave their things while they change etc. Judges will be in the media center. Auxiliary gym will be for prop storage. The color guard walk will be around the back of the aux gym - less time outside during show flow. The new flow will need someone manning the door so performances are not interrupted. (see maps). Maps are marked with street names. Spectator parking is on the opposite side of the gym so that handicap parking can be closer to the entrance. PARKING NEEDS MORE HELP. Concessions menu and prices are also included in the packet. Logistics schedule from KIDA is also included. Nick will write out scripts for each person interacting with a unit so that they know how to respond to questions and issues. The final map shows the stations where there are critical needs for door/ticket/safety points. Students can help with the lower priority points.
  • Big news - From Kimberly Hirschman: due to advocacy from the community, all  buses to competitions in Frederick/Carroll/Washington County will be paid for by FCPS! Show registration begins tomorrow. Looks like only two competitions will need boosters to pay for buses
  • Les Mis is going well - it is a monster of a show but everyone is doing well. Tech week will be 2:30-9pm to prepare for shows.
  • Next year’s schedule is beginning to shape up. Share that the program would love new band members and dancers - with or without experience.

Second Report – Kim Belisle (Treasurer) absent - information from Moira
January Budget Report attached here
  • From Moira: if anyone has outstanding Marching Band fees it is very important to pay them because this is the way the band operates

Third Report - Jo McManus (2nd Vice President) absent - information from Moira

Fourth Report – Robin Marquart (1st Vice President)
  • Championship wear - repeat champions thanks to Nick, staff, and students! Want to provide a similar reward for the students this year, and taking into account a lower budget and time of year, a lighter soft t-shirt material hoodie. It is not gray - it is heathered oatmeal color - not white or cream. (screen shares the mockup)  Extras have been ordered along with one for each student. Extras will be offered for parents/staff once items have been given to students. It is a good product with sturdy zipper. They should be delivered to Robin by the 25th with expected delivery to students before Spring Break. Robin will coordinate with Nick to distribute items to students who marched.

Fifth Report – Sherry McCoy Quinones (Secretary)
  • nothing to report
Sixth Report – Moira Fisher (President)
  • KIDA additions: Need more volunteers to shadow, especially Jen Anderson bc she is the parent of a senior. Many volunteers are parents of alumni. It sounds like a lot but it is fun and everything does fall into place. This is our big fundraiser. Thank you to Cindy for stepping in to setting up concessions. Thank you Denise (parent of a senior) for setting up the merchandise table. We really need parking volunteers - so far Dan (parent of a senior) is the only one. Need more people to man the doors and for concessions. Check that your student has signed up too because we need everybody. It's a lot of work, and a lot of fun. (Ryan, student, has a question bc he needs to leave the even early. Nick responds that he can help Ryan find jobs to do before he has to leave). Nick adds that the packet updates are going to make this year and upcoming years more smooth. Moira adds that Jen’s organization/job descriptions are also helping to make things run smoothly.
  • Updates from Jen about KIDA - It is exciting. The bakesale needs more signups. Parking needs help. Kitchen help has to be over 18 and the area needs more help.
  • Looking for people to volunteer for leadership or helping positions. An updated list is forthcoming after the KIDA show.
  • After KIDA - jazz night is the next program to think about. Robin mentions we need a lead for the end of year banquet. Jen did it last year and has a blueprint for what to do.
Seventh Report – Denise Failacci (Fundraising)
  • Hoping to hear from Chick-fil-A on how we did. Next week’s show will be our big fundraiser. We need a fundraising chair for next year.
Other Discussion
Question about Jazz night start time. Moira believes around 6pm.
Question about access to the black box. Kim and Jo have access. Kim is not as available at the moment, but Nick will try to get access to the black box. Denise suggests that checking closer to the deadline is a good idea. ·        
Next meeting - tbd not  set yet
Vote to Adjourn Moira 7:59pm
        1st Robin
        2nd Denise
        Approved Unanimously