General Meeting Minutes

June 22, 2023

Attendance: Moira Fisher, Nick Gasemy, Jen Anderson, Jaclyn Smith, Jo McManus, Sherry McCoy Quinones, Kim Belisle,
Call to order (Moira) 7:34pm
May mtg minutes 1st Jaclyn 2nd Kim B

Welcome and brief history of band/marching band and requirement for parent participation and volunteers.

  • Introduction, 6th year, alumni of TJ, helper to director
  • First of new season with boosters and new parents
  • Ready to answer questions
  • Diverse program with many moving parts, including board and parents
  • September begins travel to competitions and perform at home football games
  • Band wants to give back to community through performances – a great showcase
  • Band program is competitive but placement is not as important as the work they work together on
  • There are 4-5 competitions planned in addition to state competition this year.
  • Current schedule is fairly firm and no additions anticipated – changes may be made but with notifications (inclement weather etc).  Honor family and school commitments.
  • FCPS Marching band festival is a requirement on a Monday night October 9th at Linganore. The festival will be here at TJ in 2026.  The festival is adjudicated but not a competition, only for feedback from Mrs Hirschman and other select judges.
  • August Elks parade – date tba
  • Kris Kringle parade ends the season also in dtf
  • Still editing music but students are excited.
  • Contracts & payments need to be turned in as soon as possible due to drill placements etc.
  • People may join later and those adjustments can be made later
  • Nick doesn’t handle money – it goes through the boosters mailbox.  Payment plans are available. Fundraising is important to keep the costs down. Contact boosters if the money does not work for you and the boosters can make it work.
  • Question : (Jen) will the band perform at girls football games. (Billy – asst principal) that could be worked out on Wednesdays and he is available for questions
  • Nick responds that time may be a factor, but it is possible for them to perform at basketball games or other championships. Pep bands would be great, only time is the limitations.
  • (parent question) when does the season run? (Nick) from now to November. Then musicians move to small ensembles, concert band etc. for winter (Dec 5/6) concerts and Kris Kringle parade.  They may get asked to perform at other things – like a send off, 8th grade moveups, pep rallys etc. There is also time for students to learn other instruments if they are interested. There are options for students to use their band time to work on homework if needed. Students encouraged to advocate for themselves with their teacher as well when the schedule gets hectic.
  • (Jo) on work days the band kids are awesome and take time to work together during connect to help each other get work accomplished.
  • (parent) extracurricular question about how to balance dual enrollment with a sport and band. (Nick) it is a 50/50 split – miss the practice to do the game or competition.  Work it out with coach and Mr Gasemy. Coordination and communication between the student/parent/coach/director. Students need to advocate for themselves too. Students learn to talk to adults and each other professionally. (asst principal) encourages students to communicate and advocate effectively for themselves with their teachers before the problem arises with scheduling and assignments.
  • (parent) are there any overnights? (Nick) late nights, but not overnights. The only one is Disney which is optional. Information/Registration is on the bancd app. Competition detailed schedules are usually posted early in the week.
  • (parent) what level are they competing in? (Nick) we are still in “open/small” level.  The levels are based on size of band and level of play.  *Nick goes into detail of what some levels mean* “small” runs around 50 people in band (parent) its so much different than spots bc everyone cheers for everyone else.
  • Nick offers to for anyone to contact him through schoology for other questions

Treasurers Report (Jaclyn):
Long term TJBB parent ending her board position, passing it over to Kim. Wild ride but has enjoyed it. This program has been a staple in her family’s lives.
May income/expenses: (see attached spreadsheet from Jaclyn)
November 19th bingo is the biggest fundraiser
Explains indoor KIDA fundraises for TJBB Spring
Explains that while we brought in over 80K, we spent over 60K
Our school opened in 1970 and FCPS does not have money for instruments so Boosters purchase instruments etc. Can only do this through fundraising. Buses, uniforms, reeds, valve oil, mallets, drumsticks, color guard uniforms etc are all paid through boosters.  Please ask about anything for how you can help. Jaclyn can show you how to do it. Denise (fundraising) can also help show you how to do anything.  There are potlucks for competitions for pit crew etc to participate in. Social time and make friends.

Student Accounts (Jo):
Jorga’s mom sophomore. Point of contact for student accounts. If she cannot answer it, she’ll pass it on. Do not let the price tag keep your student away. Please ask.  Fundraising helps getting student accounts paid in some cases. RaiseRight rebates for example (run by Denise Fallaci)  (Moira) It can be an e-version. You can reach Denise through band app. Jo McManus can be found on Band app and is happy to answer questions
(parent) Is a student credit on account automatically applied or does it need requested? (Jo) it needs to be requested.
(Robin absent due to illness, so Jen speaks):
        Committee signup sheets available in physical form. Like chaperones for competitions/home games, pit crew(instruments etc), uniform/supply room, fundraising committee, event committees (like KIDA, Santa’s Workshop, examples Moira: cookie sale, carwash, senior night, band picnic, show preview, etc – more details coming from Denise)
Secretary (Sherry):
Sherry taking minutes and will meet with Ellen next week regarding past minutes/notebook etc.  (parent) where are notes posted? (Moira/Jaclyn): email, band app, google groups etc
Fundraising (Moira):
        Denise not here. Information forthcoming
        BandAid – collect loose change in a 20oz Gatorade bottle during band camp
Moira – old business? No
(Jen) carwash?
Moira – carwash, 2 weeks ago made a lot of money, but very few volunteers for this weekend so might need to be canceled if not enough kids per shift. Need 14 per shift. Need at least 2 parent volunteers. If you can do it, please sign up tonight otherwise it will need to be canceled. (Jaclyn) Made $899 in four hours last carwash. Made over $2000 last year. It is a great team building activity.
Moira – drawing. Debbie Smith won!
Next Booster meeting Thursday July 27th 7pm during band camp
End Jaclyn motions, Kim second 8:50pm