Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band Boosters

March 16, 2023

The Band Boosters meeting officially began at 7:35 pm via Google Meet and was presided over by Robin Marquart, with Ellen McGuinness as secretary.  

Nick Gasemy, Robin Marquart, Jaclyn Smith, Jenn Duthoy, Denise Failacci, Traci Poppert, Jo McManus, Cindy Canizales, Kim Belisle, Ellen McGuinness, Moira Fisher, Debby Smith, Jen Anderson, Carmen Willis

The February minutes had not been typed nor sent out at the time of this meeting.

Director’s Report -- Mr. Gasemy
  •  KIDA – “It was good!”
    •  Sent out a survey to all participating groups (Google Form)
    •  What’s the best map & signage flow?  Menus & displays in Gym Lobby.
  •  The concert band adjudication is Tuesday 3/21.
  •  The band calendar for the summer/fall has been posted (band webpage & Band App)
    • TJ has registered for fall competitions – UHS, LHS, Williamsport, States.
    • FCPS Marching Festival is in October, but the date is not finalized.
    • The Homecoming football game will be at FHS, with a 1 pm start time.
  • Marching Band informational meeting – Tuesday 5/2.
    • Clinics will be 5/11, 5/18 & 6/1, with a mini-camp on Saturday 6/3.
  •  DISNEY – going with OHS, probably 1/10/24-1/17/24 (window must be approved by FCPS).
    • Taking band & theater students.
    • Working with Ms. Burton (OHS).
    • Each group will wear their own uniforms.
    • Must submit a video of the field show.
    • 4/3/24-4/6/24 there will be combined rehearsals, & will need the current seniors to help.
    • A BIG meeting will be needed!
    • Chaperones are a 1:10 ratio.
    • Trip includes $30/day for food, but snacks & water can be taken into the park.

Treasurer – Jaclyn
    • IN = $4,858.39
      • $0.28 interest
      • $357.38 Raise Right (Scrip)
      • $1,274.86 donations
      • $458.35 Cookie Sales
      • $2,541.93 Indoor fees
      • $225.52 Raise Right (Scrip)
    • OUT  $ 3,656.93
      • $5 bank fee
      • $3,918.65 Championship sweatshirts
      • $7.51 stamp ink
      • $55 plaques
      • Some KIDA trophy $$ has not been turned in yet.
      • FCPS custodial bill must be paid.

VP2 (Student Accounts) – Jo  
  • Old Line payments are mostly current.
  • Leprechaun Luau $$ has been added to student accounts.
  • Raise Right $$ has also been added to student accounts.

VP1 – Robin  
  • Ordering the new bibbers in April.
  • Uniform room – working with Moira on cleaning & organizing.

Secretary/Chaperones – Ellen
  • No secretary report.
  • Chaperones – a new chair is needed for next year.  Ellen will help!

President – Traci
  • WE NEED NEW OFFICERS FOR NEXT YEAR!  Elections will be held at the May “Annual” meeting.
    • President, Treasurer (Kim B?), Secretary (Sherry Q?)
  • JAZZ NIGHT (Moira) Saturday 4/29/23, TJ Cafeteria
    • Donations are needed.
    • Cake raffle.
    • Performers – TJ Jazz Band, MMS, FCC, AFA.
    • provide deserts & beverages.
  • BAND BANQUET (Jen Anderson)
    • Have it at TJ for cost purposes, rather than an off-site venue.
    • Catered by Olive Garden.
    • Help is needed with the planning committee.

Fundraising – Denise Failacci
  • Raise Right $456 in February -- $365 went to student accounts & $91 to the general fund.
    • Also told Nick to notify the incoming middle school kids.
  • Share ideas to raise lots of $$ ASAP!  (for Disney trip).
  • Hershey Park tickets are good until 9/10/23, $50 due 4/17.
  • Need a co-chair for fundraising to prepare for next year.
  • Ellen needs potential car wash dates from Moira, and will contact Good Shepherd to schedule.

Corporate Fundraising – Tom Keller
  • Phone calls/letters have been given to all companies; heard back from 25% of them with four hard yesses.
  • Signage at the stadium & on the trailer?  Cost is a concern (taxes).  Tabled for further discussion.

Next Executive Meeting:  thursday, april 6, 2023, virtual
Next booster meeting:   monday, April 24, 7:30 pm, virtual.
Meeting Adjourned 8:48 pm
*1st denise, 2nd jaclyn, unanimous