Meeting Minutes

May 17, 2021

Present:  Carlos Slone, Dan & Denise Failacci, Kate & Erik Dudash, Nick Gasemy, Kathy Higinbotham, Jacklyn Smith, Traci Poppert, Teresa Vaughn, Heather Boyd, Ellen McGuinness, Trisha Kessler, Jenn Duthoy, Danielle Wilfong

Call to Order
Meeting began at 7:41pm and was presided over by Carlos Slone, with Dan Failacci as secretary.

Approval of Previous Minutes:
April Booster Meeting minutes approved. (Jacklyn/Kate)

President’s Report:  Executive Board met for May.  
  • The President role is a coordination role.  Carlos available for any questions about the position
Vice President’s Report:  
  • VP duties includes coordinating band camp popsicles, hunting down chairpersons for different events.  Also coordinate positions like chaperones, pit crew, and people to drive thing around
  • Bob Fowle will do band camp dinners again for us this year.
  • Budget for April
    • Approx. $800 in/$3 out
  • As always, ask Jacklyn for specific details/questions.
Directors Report:
  • Kim is working on obtaining funds from the Central office, for the TJ band program for new instruments to replace some which are beyond repair.  This will allow us to use money set aside in the budget for new instruments to purchase additional items needed by the band.
  • Everyone is welcome to participate in the band program, regardless of the experience level.  If your friends are expressing interest, please bring them along.
  • Concert coming up.  Still awaiting last minute guidelines from central office.  Believe we can have up to 4 people/performer.  Nick still needs to find out what the capacity limit is.  Concert date is Thursday 5/27 at 6pm.  Rain date 5/28
  • Graduation is June 1 in the morning.  Still lots of questions, but band will play pomp & circumstance and national anthem for graduation.  8-8:30AM report time.  This is not required and is volunteer only.  Drumline already performed for senior festivities.  It was fun for those that showed.
  • Turf field construction to begin in July/Aug.  Could mess with band camp.  We will need to be flexible this year.
Student Accounts:
  • Responsibilities – Send out bills, make phone calls/emails/letter to collect payments.  Don’t handle the money, just track it down
  • Almost all seniors are paid in full.  One senior wants to donate their balance to the scholarship fund.
  • Please contact Kathy if you are unsure of your student account balance or wish to make a payment or have any student account questions.
Committee Reports

  • Still in need of someone to take over as fundraising chair.  The position entails management of people since each fundraising activity has its own sub-chairperson to run the event.  There is a big binder containing all the info for what needs to be done for each event.  You will not be alone.  Goal is to raise $13k by fundraising this year.
  • Athletics has offered concessions for both boys and girls JV and Varsity volleyball and basketball games.  Need 1 parent and 3 or 4, 16 year old’s or older.  This is all profit as people will donate the snacks that we will sell at the games. Will start in November, so it should not conflict with marching, but could conflict with indoor.
  • Still planning on greenery sales this year as an individual fundraiser
  • Car washes – we have been approved for 5 this year.  They will be at Good Sheppard again this year.  They will run from June thru August.
  • Plan to do a fundraising committee meeting in June at school in the parking lot during practice.  Watch for an email.
  • Restaurant nights –
    • Chick Fil-A
    • Chipotle
  • SCRIP – Denise will continue on as SCRIP coordinator next year.  
Uniform Report:

Pit Crew report:



Old Business:

New Business:
  • No proposed amendments to the by-laws
  • Election of officers:
  • Congratulations to the new board for the 2021-2022 season:
    • President – Teresa Vaughn
    • 1st VP/Secretary – Ellen McGuiness
    • 2nd VP/Student Accounts – Kathy Higginbotham
    • Treasurer – Jacklyn Smith
All new board members will attend the June Executive Board meeting to transition over duties.

MEETING ADJOURNED  8:41 PM (Dan/Heather)