Meeting Minutes

May 24, 2023

In Attendance:
Nick Gasemy (Director, virtual Host), Becky Falibota, Denise Failacci(Fundraising), Heidi Fisher, Jaclyn Smith(Treasurer), Jen Anderson, Jenn Duthoy, Jo McManus(2nd VP), Joe Belisle, Kim Belisle, Moira Fisher, Robin Marquart(1st VP), Sherry McCoy-Quinones, Traci Poppert(President) {unknown virtual logons}
Call to order 7:38pm Traci Poppert (President)
        Motion: Robin Marquart
        2nd : Jaclyn Smith
Previous meeting’s minutes
April - no corrections
                    Motion to approve: Jaclyn Smith
                    2nd Robin Marquart
                    Approved unanimously
First Report - Nick Gasemy (Director)

  • New season’s show payment made – confirmed by Treasurer, Jaclyn
  • (Robin asks about Color Guard theme) answer in the next few weeks
  • June 1st is the next Marching Band Clinic
  • June 3rd is the full day Marching Band mini camp
  • Disney information posted in both the new and old BAND apps
    • $1800 per child includes
      • Travel
      • Bus to/from Disney
      • Workshop
      • $50/day for food
      • Park ticket
      • Show tickets
      • Character visit pre-gate opening
      • VIP viewing
      • Wiggle room for unexpected or higher expenses
      • Check the Disney posts on the band app
    • 70 band, 30 theater kids expected
    • Collaboration between Oakdale/TJ
    • Need a parent volunteer to drive the TJ band trailer to Disney with uniforms and instruments
    • Audition was approved by Disney for marching and music clinic
    • Looking for a dance clinic for color guard
    • (Jo asks about snack boxes) clarification that there will be no Instacart or food ordering
    • Down payment due September 1st
    • Potential August meeting to cover details
  • Upcoming Events:
    • May 25th is 2nd  Elementary Concerts (requesting volunteers to help)
    • Check assignments are complete bc Chromebook collection is Friday
    • June 2nd Last day of school
    • June 3rd Mini Band Camp 9am-4pm
    • July 17-21, 24-28 Marching Band Camp

 Second Report - Jaclyn Smith (Treasurer) attached for accuracy.

  • Deposits
    • Banking interest & refunds - $.31
    • Uniform - $50
    • KIDA deposit - $1020
    • SCRIPT fundraiser - $444.29
    • Indoor Fees - $725
    • Hershey - $2267.58
    • Total DEPOSITS - $4507.18
  • Expenses
    • Business Misc (website) - $180
    • Jazz Night - $300
    • Custom Drill Design - $2000
    • Total EXPENSES - $2480

Third Report - Jo McManus (2nd Vice President)

  • All Marching Band fees are paid
  • Raise Rise Rebates will be applied
  • Student accounts readied for the new season

Fourth Report – Robin Marquart (1st Vice President)
  • Meeting with Jen Anderson on Saturday to task out to-dos
  • New bibbers are being ordered
  • Pit crew and uniform costs will be emailed
  • Spiritwear may be ready by band camp
    • Shirts, polo, lighter jacket, hoodie

Fifth Report – Ellen McGuinness (Secretary) Traci Poppert filling in
  • Need a point person for chaperones
  • Jenn Duthoy volunteers
Sixth Report - Traci Poppert (President)

  • Jazz Night
    • Thank you Moira and Robin
    • Including Middle Schools and FCC helped to make this successful
    • Community events like this and Santa’s Workshop, really help with building relationships, recruitment, and donations
  • Band Banquet
    • Thank you Jen
  • Thank you to the current board for bringing the program back after the pandemic.
  • <Comment from Dan Faillaci: Booster By-law 7.1.A requires names to be sent to members 30 days ahead of annual meeting when voting takes place>
    • Response: As soon as this meeting ends, a notice of the annual meeting and names of people running for positions will be sent to all members.
  • Thank you Denise for awesome fundraising by engaging volunteers and making sure fundraising happens.
    • This year we will be counting volunteer hours (meetings, baking, volunteering, etc) including the kid’s hours. These records of volunteer hours are needed for tax purposes.
  • Thank you Dan for all of your photography. It is a huge benefit to all of us and great for promoting the program.
    • Rhonda Hillman may have all of the shutterfly archives
    • Annual in-person Booster meeting to vote on May 24th 7:30pm
  • Thank you Tom for organizing corporate donations and fundraising.
  • Thank you to Cindy, Lenka, Moira and all of those not mentioned, who have volunteered to make this program great. 90% of parents volunteered this past year.
Seventh Report – Denise Failacci (Fundraising)
  • Fundraising needs a co-chair asap. This is Denise’s final year
  • Need Individual event leaders (there is support)
    • Restaurant nights (1xmonth)
    • Band Aide (gatorade during band camp)
    • Cookie Sales fall/spring
    • Greenery Sale winter holidays
    • Christmas tree pick-up
    • Hershey tickets
    • Easter baskets
    • Car Wash
      • Moira needs immediate parent help with this
      • Moira will send out sign-ups
      • A church member must be present to use the building bathrooms etc
      • Need kid and parent volunteers
    • Other fundraising ideas? Please bring them up to anyone, even if you cannot lead your idea
    • RasieRight discussion (more details next meeting about this giftcard fundraiser)
Other Discussion
  • Uniform room help needed (Jen)
  • Check calendar and website for updated forms etc
  • !2 hands approved, unanaimous majority passes and Congratulations to the new board:
    • President – Moira Fisher
    • 1st Vice President - Robin Marquart (cont)
    • 2nd Vice President – Jo McManus
    • Treasurer – Kim Belilse
    • Secretary – Sherry McCoy Quinones
Next meeting June 22nd 7pm
Vote to Adjourn 8:27pm
        Motion Robin Marquart
        2nd Jo McManus
        Approved Unanimously