General Meeting Minutes

October 20, 2022

Call to Order
The Band Boosters meeting officially began at 7:34 pm at GTJHS and was presided over by Traci Poppert, with Ellen McGuinness as secretary.  

Traci Poppert, Dan & Denise Failacci, Jo McManus, Jen Anderson, Lenka Syslova, Nick Gasemy, Jaclyn Smith, Tom Keller, Kim Belisle, Ellen McGuinness, Harish Kumar, Robin Marquart, Cindy Canizales, Sherry McCoy-Quinones

The August and September minutes were both approved, 1st Jaclyn, 2nd Robin, unanimous.

Treasurer – Jaclyn

  • SETPTEMBER:  $6,514.91 IN and $5,291.58 OUT
    • “IN” sources –
      • General donation $537*Bingo $1,550
      • MB fees $3,138.62*Show-wear $604
      • Raise Right $559.99*Uniform accessories $125
    • “OUT” sources
      • Showshirts & spiritwear $2,256.37*Raise Right $2.50
      • Percussion Equipment $21.19*Props $1,046,72
      • Trailer repair $405.69*Truck Rental $375.28
      • Uniform accessories $1,183.83
    • Last year = $6,854
    • Tickets this year = approx. $3000
    • All payouts have been donated; this fundraiser is 100% profit!
    • 121 tickets have been sold; Lewistown Fire Hall can hold 400 people.
    • $775.58 in square deposits

Director’s Report -- Mr. Gasemy
    • New speakers & soundboard have arrived!
        ◦ Still waiting for carts.
        ◦ We will use old carts for now.
    • Only four performances left☹
    • TOWSON, Sunday 11/6
        ◦ Performance time is not known – approximately 8 pm.  
        ◦ Order of bands will be based off scores from all fall 2022 previous MMBA competitions.
    • Facebook Alumni Page – Nick & Ellen will post the Bingo flyer.
    • KIDA HOME SHOW 3/11
        ◦ KIDA is sending out information with advice for hosting a show.
        ◦ KIDA recommends > 30 volunteers, but TJ usually uses > 50.
        ◦ Reach out to Rose Hill Manor about bus parking (Mike Hillman?).
        ◦ Many parts of the school will be utilized (auditorium, cafeteria, classrooms, …)
    • Trunk-or-Treat & 8th grade move-up night – Thursday 10/27, 8:30 pm.
    • Home game vs. LHS, Friday 10/28
        ◦ Siblings can attend, also.
        ◦ Sherry getting charter school contact info to Nick so they can be invited, too.
            ▪ 7 kids from Carroll Creek Charter School will be coming to TJ next year.
    • Rehearsal, Saturday 10/29, 9-1
    • Several kids are currently feeling high stress/tension.
        ◦ Help them through it.
        ◦ They need to “know their stuff.”  Techs are getting frustrated at times.
    • Transitioning into concert season.
    • The percussion concert will change to “Percussion & Chamber Concert” this year.  It will include small ensembles.
    • The feeder pattern concert will change to taking small ensembles “On Tour” to the feeder elementary & middle schools.  Band, Orchestra, & Choir will rotate from year-to-year.  (Gasemy, Kurtz, Taylor, 12/19-12/22).

VP1 – Robin  
  • Show-Wear will be distributed on 10/28.
    • Lots of hoodies & lots of t-shirts!

Secretary/Chaperones – Ellen
  • No secretary report.
  • Chaperones are doing a great job!
    • Kids are loving Jenn Duthoy’s “Drip Drops” electrolyte flavoring.
    • Requesting 10 cases of water for remaining five marching band events.
    • Handwarmers needed.

VP2 (Student Accounts) – Jo
  • 35 kids are paid in full.
  • 10 are close – “they need some grace.”
    • 9 are billed, 1 is our foreign exchange student.
  • $18,085 PAID (89%); $2,165 still due.

President’s Report – Traci
  • We need a new President for next year!
    • We will also need a new Treasurer & Secretary.
    • Some at-large positions are available.
    • Start shadowing/asking questions/attending board meetings now if you are interested.
  • SCHOLARSHIP information has been sent out.  
    • No applications have yet been received.
    • Due date is October 27.
    • Jo will send the list of 10 kids whose band fees are not completely paid to Nick; Nick will encourage those kids to apply for a scholarship.
    • $ can be used for concert band fee or for next year’s marching band fees.
  • Several groups have gone out asking for donations.
    • Flutes, N. Market St
    • Clarinets, Amber Meadows shopping center
    • Guard, Clemson Corner (but they got very strong “no’s.”
    • Saxophones, E. Patrick (between East St & Market St)

Fundraising – Denise Failacci
    • Cookie pickup is Saturday, 10/29 in the band hallway.
    • Café Bueno restaurant night is Tuesday,11/8.
    • Roy Rogers restaurant night is 12/15.

        ◦ $645 (September) -- $516 (student accounts) & $118 (general fund)
    • Will’s (saxophone) uncle has a restaurant & wants to hold a TJ Band fundraiser.
    • South Mountain Creamery (downtown) wants to hold a TJ Band event night.
    • Bonefish Grill & Glory Days both offered to host a TJ Band restaurant night.
    • SANTA’S WORKSHOP, Saturday 12/10 (Cindy Canizales)
        ◦ Has been a BIG fundraiser in years past.
        ◦ “The community spends the $, not the parents!”
        ◦ Kids will decorate the cafeteria the Friday night before (12/9)
        ◦ Have Nick reach out to students to create groups for each need.
        ◦ Nick & Denise will request a snow date of 12/17.
        ◦ Cindy will send flyers to the feeder elementary & middle schools.
        ◦ Photo Spots, where guests will use their own cameras to take pictures.
            ▪ Santa, the Grinch, Ice Princess, … we need volunteers & costumes.
        ◦ Anyone have holiday blow-ups for this event?
        ◦ This is a community-based event.
            ▪ Need more parent volunteers!
            ▪ Need food donations & people to oversee the food sales.
            ▪ Game section (Robin).
            ▪ Who wants to be Santa Claus?

Corporate Fundraising – Tom Keller
  • Received one $2500 check (from two businesses)
  • Given many business cards.
  • “River Properties” is spreading the word on our behalf.
  • Jen Anderson is creating a spreadsheet to track donations/businesses.
  • Peterson’s Carpet & Flooring, $1000 donation.  (Sarah Ruckert, Jacob Fangmeyer’s mom)

Uniform Room (Robin, Moira & Lenka)
  • Need to print out cards (for the uniform bags) with kids’ names & numbers. (Robin will make them)
  • Lenka – make a video of Stefano, “How to hang up your bibbers!”
  • Move mirror from the bandroom to the uniform room.
    • Need a handyman for this!

Pit Crew (Harish)
  • Going well so far, as volunteers are doing a super job!
  • No truck this Saturday, but we will need one on 11/6, unless someone volunteers to pull the trailer.
  • DAN F. – “We need more food for the 10/22 tailgate!”

Next Executive Meeting:  thursday 11/3/22, 6:00 PM, tj
Next booster meeting:   Thursday 11/17/22, 7:30 pm, TJ band room
Meeting Adjourned 8:39 pm
*1st Robyn, 2nd jaclyn, unanimous