Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2023

President – Moira Fisher
1st Vice President - Robin Marquart (cont)
2nd Vice President – Jo McManus
Treasurer – Kim Belilse
Secretary – Sherry McCoy Quinones
In Attendance: Shane Fabilota, Denise Failacci, Dan Failacci, Heidi Fisher, Jaclyn Smith, Kim Belisle, Robin Marquart, Sherry McCoy Quinones, Nick Gasemy, Jo McManus, Jen Anderson, Deborah Smith
Call to order Motion (President) (7:32pm) Robin (1st VP for Moira – absent)
        1st : Jaclyn
        2nd : Kim
Previous meeting’s minutes {vote moves to October meeting}
no corrections
                    Motion to approve:
                    1st :
                    2nd  :
                    Approved unanimously
First Report - Nick Gasemy (Director)
  • Hustle and bustle – on to phase 3, Competitions
  • Wednesday schedule gives time for work to get done. Students are utilizing it well
  • Weather for the weekend looks inclement and may be rained out (1st time in 5 years!). MMBA does have a severe weather plan
  • There will be a standstill performance in the gymnasium if the weather is bad
  • Severe weather will mean a cancellation.
  • Flow form and specific instructions are forthcoming
  • Check on gas for tractor and container? Dan will check and fill
  • There is downtime during the competition
  • Part three is the focus tonight
  • Props are being finished
  • Wireless microphones are working
  • Early October Marching Band Festival, October 9th at Linganore
    • Students leave from school day straight to Linganore
    • Performance is usually early
  • 8 public performances remaining in the season
  • Mid-November will be “all county” auditions (band, choir, orchestra). Usually TJ is well represented. Performance in the spring. It is a good opportunity to play with other people and increase repretoir.
  • Indoor percussion and color guard will be offered at TJ. It is a great opportunity to increase skills. There is a “to be determined” cost associated but for this year it will hopefully be minimal. This is extracurricular. Encourages all students to apply no matter their background. Currently 28 student responses of interest in indoor. (Robin) is there a minimum number of students? (Nick) unknown. Still trying to figure out what this program will look like for this new introductory year. (parent- Kevin’s dad) Program will start mid-late November and end in April with first competition end of January/February.
  • At the competition, the placement will be a subjective number with comments. Students will have an opportunity to read the comments and the feedback.
  • Disney re-recording must take place due to increased number of students. This is mandatory.
Second Report – Kim Belisle (Treasurer)

  • Jazz night payments went through
  • Bibbers were paid for
  • Rebates have been paid
  • Purchase and repair of instruments, trailer repair, spiritwear/showwear, color guard accessories etc. All typical expenses
Third Report - Jo McManus (2nd Vice President)

  • Nothing new on student accounts. Everyone is keeping up well and she is available for any questions

Fourth Report –  Robin Marquart (1st Vice President)

  • Spirit wear has been distributed
  • Show wear is on its way, hopefully by next week. It’s blue and not gray!
  • Uniform accessories are all distributed to students
  • From Jen Anderson – keep an eye out for chaperones, pit crew signups
  • Might be light on food for the parent/pit crew potluck – please join us and bring something for the potluck

Fifth Report – Sherry (Secretary)

  • Dan – minutes need to be posted to the website which hasn’t been updated since April
  • Minutes need to be sent to the google group

Sixth Report - (President)
  • {absent – items addressed in other reports} 

Seventh Report – (Fundraising)

  • Ragin Reef brought in $150.  They need a “Thank you” from the Secretary
  • Sept 28th MOD pizza fundraiser
  • Cookie fundraiser upcoming with distribution second week in November
  • Fundraising news is being emailed for distribution to schools. For FOF, Ms Singh has a specific format and Jo will send that information to Denise.
  • BINGO ticket sales due October 14th . Can sell more than two tickets.
    • Cash prizes
    • King Tut
    • Silent Auction
    • Bake sale
    • 50/50 raffle
    • Lewistown FireHall (they sell food there as well)
    • All items have been donated and paid for – so every dollar we make will be donated to the band

Other Discussion
Next meeting  October 19th 2023 7:30pm
Vote to Adjourn 8:23pm Robin
        1st Jaclyn
        2nd Kim
        Approved Unanimously