Meeting Minutes

September 15, 2022

Call to Order
The Band Boosters meeting officially began at 7:34 pm at GTJHS and was presided over by Traci Poppert, with Ellen McGuinness as secretary.  

Traci Poppert, Dan & Denise Failacci, Jo McManus, Moira Fisher, Lenka Syslova, Nick Gasemy, Jaclyn Smith, Tom Keller, Joe & Kim Belisle, Ellen McGuinness, Andreas Ritterbusch, Harish Kumar, Jen Anderson, Pierre & Loi Angeles

The August minutes had not been posted at the time of this meeting.

Treasurer – Jaclyn
    • Who wants to be the next treasurer?  This is Jaclyn’s last year in the position but she will let someone shadow now.
    • AUGUST:  $13,449.73 IN and $2,977.73 OUT
        ◦ “IN” sources –
            ▪ Band Ade $681*Bingo $150
            ▪ Car washes $678*Show shirts $3704
            ▪ Raise Right $398.78*Picnic $545
            ▪ MB fees $5715.65*Uniform accessories $1577
        ◦ “OUT” sources
            ▪ Good Shepherd youth group donations $250
            ▪ Picnic $411.73
            ▪ Competition fees $500
            ▪ Percussion instruments $1755.75
    • Sent taxes to the tax attorney.
    • Spiritwear & accessories next month. (???)

Director’s Report -- Mr. Gasemy
    • Senior Night Friday 9/16 – 50 seniors total (football, cheer, dance, band)
        ◦ “Hawaiian Day” theme at TJ.
        ◦ Dinner at 4 pm in cafeteria.
        ◦ Ceremony starts at 5 pm in stadium.
        ◦ Not wearing uniforms.
        ◦ Need 6-8 people on the pit crew.
    • Turf Dedication Saturday 9/17 2 pm
        ◦ Band will play the National Anthem & the TJ Fight Song.
    • Charm City Run (connection is Nancy Gunn, a former band mom)
        ◦ 6-8 pm W 9/21  professional shoe fitting.
        ◦ 15% of proceeds will go to the TJ band.
    • First competition 9/24 @ Severna Park HS
        ◦ Perform @ 2:45 pm and Awards @ 4:00 pm.
        ◦ Doing first two movements (about 5 minutes).
        ◦ UHS & LHS performing later in the day (they are larger groups).
        ◦ Kids arrive at TJ @ 8:00 am.
    • Facebook Alumni Page has started!
    • 9/30 Football game has been moved to Thursday 9/29 due to an FCPS shortage of referees.
        ◦ Rehearsal on Friday 9/30, 6-9 pm.
    • Kids must learn the music of the show and there has been a “super improvement this past week.”

Senior Night (Moira)
    • More volunteers are needed.
    • Will send one more email.

VP1 – Robin  (absent)
    • Last year was a rebuilding year.
    • Jenn Duthoy has volunteered to organize the band banquet (May) 😊
    • Jazz Night chairperson is Moira Fisher 😊
    • Spiritwear went well!
    • Dan asked about Pit Crew gear – board will discuss at their next meeting.
    • Show Shirts – orders are coming out soon.
    • Thank you to Stephanie Fitz-Enz for organizing the picnic!

VP2 (Student Accounts) – Jo
    • 12 students are a little behind.
    • 7 students have not paid at all.
    • $300.55 from last year’s seniors is going to the scholarship fund.

President’s Report – Traci
    • We need a new President for next year!
    • We will also need a new Treasurer & Secretary.
    • Some at-large positions are available.
    • Working on Scholarship information – the target date is October.

Fundraising – Denise Failacci
    • MOD Pizza restaurant night netted $200.
    • Chipotle restaurant night is Friday 9/27.
    • RAISE RIGHT – offering extra bonuses right now.
        ◦  $584 (August) -- $468 (student accounts) & $87 (general fund)
    • Fall cookie sale is coming up in October.
    • BINGO (Jaclyn)
        ◦ Kids will be running the bake sale.
        ◦ Parents need to run all gambling.
        ◦ We need many more volunteers!

Corporate Fundraising – Tom Keller
    • Meeting with Student Leadership Team on Wednesday.
    • Businesses have been reaching out about supporting the band.
    • Letters for businesses are available.
    • One adult is needed to go out with each student group.

Secretary/Chaperones – Ellen
    • No secretary report.
    • Chaperones are needed for all band events.
        ◦ A Sign-Up Genius will come out about one week prior to event.
        ◦ Understand that chaperoning a competition is an all-day commitment.

Uniform Room (Robin, Moira & Lenka)
    • Kids will grab their cuffs out of a bin for each event, or they can keep them in a pocket in their uniform bag.

Pit Crew (Harish)
    • We need someone to drive a BIG truck to pull the band trailer.
        ◦ Dan will put out a message to the group.
    • For the 9/24 competition we will have to rent a 26-ft Penske truck.
    • The small trailer is long overdue for servicing.

Monday 10/3 is the FCPS Marching Band Festival at Brunswick HS.

Next Executive Meeting:  thursday 10/6/22, 6:00 PM, tj
Next booster meeting:   Thursday 10/20/22, 7:30 pm, TJ band room
Meeting Adjourned 8:58 pm