Meeting Minutes

July 27, 2023

President – Moira Fisher
1st Vice President - Robin Marquart
2nd Vice President – Jo McManus
Treasurer – Kim Belilse
Secretary – Sherry McCoy Quinones

In Attendance: Moira Fisher (President), Robin Marquart (1st VP), Jo McManus (2nd VP), Kim Belilse (Treasurer), Sherry McCoy Quinones (Secretary), Lenka Syslova, Valerie Fell, Jaclyn Smith, Denise Failacci, Jen Anderson, Rebeca Lavo, Tanzonia Craig, Becky Falibota, Pomela Rojas, Yodavis Lugo, Jenn Duthoy, Jesus Eucrimacin

Call to order   7:03  Moira Fisher (President)
        Motion: Robin Marquart
        2nd : Kim Belilse

Previous meeting’s minutes
June - no corrections
                    Motion to approve: Denise Failacci
                    2nd Kim Belisle
                    Approved unanimously

Nick Gasemy (Director)
  • Band Camp is going well
  • 48% of marching band is brand new but everyone is working together very well
  • 2 ½ out of 7 minutes of show is ready
  • Student leaders are doing very well
  • This program is a lot for everyone – checking in for overwhelm – everyone is feeling it, including parents. A lot of enthusiasm, overwhelm is to be expected
  • Instruments and accessories needed – have your student let Mr. Gasemy know if there are instrument issues so that new things can be ordered
  • Kids are coming out of their shells which is great
  • Every student has a $75 credit towards spiritwear – please get forms in asap
  • Feel free to contact Mr. Gasemy with questions
  • Roster has been communicated to counselors
    • Roster needed (Jo) currently 49 students
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Elks parade is on calendar August 27th (Sunday) details forthcoming. Wear TJ colors/ band apparel not uniforms. No transportation provided, kids are dropped off near Delaplaine and picked up at a reception in Mulinix park. Email will come out with specific info.
Kim Belisle (Treasurer)
  • Fiscal year for band was closed out on June 30th
Jo McManus (2nd Vice President)
  • Introduction and welcome to new families
  • Responsible for student accounts
Robin Marquart (1st Vice President)
  • Introduction and welcome
  • Volunteer opportunities bc many leadership positions by seniors and their parents. Parents can help introduce new parent to opportunities
    • Coordinate pit crew potlucks
    • Uniform room/uniform fittings
    • Senior night at the football game (date tba)
    • Family picnic
    • Jazz night
    • Bingo
  • Spiritwear
    • This is the first time we have been able to offer a spiritwear credit
    • Get forms in asap – they can not be turned in anytime after August 10th
    • Promotes the program really well
    • Your name can be embroidered
  • Accessory forms
    • Go through the form with your student
    • These are mandatory to complete the uniform
    • Also due by August 11th
    • Band shirt to be worn under bibbers is included in band fees, but needs sizes
    • Parent suggestion to order two of these shirts
  • Showwear
    • Show logo/dates etc
    • Included in band fees but needs sizing
    • Other items can be purchased
    • Show theme: Everest
    • Looking for a graphic designer
    • Waiting for info from Graphics band has already paid for before choosing final graphic/logo for the year and ordering
  • Questions
    • Shoe sizes – how to determine size?
    • Shoes/accessories order form will be sent out from Robin – email, BANDapp, at meetings
Sherry Quinones (Secretary)
  • No report
Moira Fisher  (President)
  • Introduction and welcome to new band families
  • Band and boosters runs on volunteers
  • Put name in basket for $75 scholarship
  • Most pressing volunteer need is the car wash this weekend. Check the sign-up genius
  • Signup genius is on the BAND APP and was in an email to parents

 Denise Failacci (Fundraising)
  • Fundraising needs a co-chair asap. This is Denise’s final year
  • Cookie sale happens right before BINGO (1doz for $10), each band student tries to sell 2 boxes
  • November 11th is possible date
  • BINGO – needs a committee
  • Santa’s Workshop (would like to have breakfast, but not enough people. So baked goods will be available) – needs committee volunteers
  • Hershey park ticket sales – needs a lead
  • Spring cookie sale – needs a lead
  • Easter Basket fundraiser (Jo) – needs another adult volunteer
  • Restaurant nights – advertised through Band App, emails
  • Car Washes – needs lead volunteer. See Moira and Jen
  • KIDA- explains KIDA is indoor marching band and color guard – needs a shadow lead for current alumni lead in addition to committee of volunteers
  • Jacklyn explains there is $4000 to spread between 3 TJ music programs. We need $45K to run the program. Fees bring in about $20K
  • Currently almost ½ of the band are seniors, so we need parents to step up to volunteer and learn from outgoing parents
  • RaiseRight program explanation
Other Discussion
  • BINGO (Jaclyn)
    • November 19th
    • 2 tickets for each student to sell $30/$35, can sell more
    • Overhead is already taken care of
    • Looking for silent auction items (company or individual baskets – Gregg’s driving school, Color Street nails, Holiday theme baskets, date night, family nights, Adventures, Tattoo parlors, lottery ticket basket…)
    • Signup genius for running the BINGO night and BINGO night bake sale.  Gillian Berlutti might be able to help.
  • Uniform room help needed (Jen)
 Next meeting August 24th 7pm
 Vote to Adjourn Moira Fisher
        Motion Robin Marquart
        2nd Sherry Quinones
        Approved Unanimously