Meeting Minutes

July 26,2021

Present:  Denise & Dan Failacci, Traci Popppert, Jaclyn Smith, Suzanne Baird, Lenka Lyslova, Stephanie & Jonathan Fitz-Enz, Pierre Angeles, Stephanie Bindewald, Robin Marquart, Meredith Bramati, Jodi Martin, Sarina Hart, Margareth Pereira, Krista Allen-Bossaller, Tom Keller, Silvia Chicas, Maria Maradiaga, Liz Cruz, Keith Bauer, Danielle Wilfong, Jenn Duthoy, Moira Fisher, Kathleen Higinbotham, Teresa Vaughn, Nick Gasemy

Call to Order
Meeting began at 6:32 and was presided over by Traci Popppert, with Dan Failacci as secretary.

Approval of Previous Minutes:
June Booster Meeting minutes approved. (Jaclyn/Denise)

Director’s Report:
  • Day 1 of band camp and kids are doing well. Please encourage water/gatorade.  Encourage your kids to stretch. Moral support at home will go a long ways to helping kids out!!
  • We are still putting things together and figuring out what we need.  Accessory forms will be coming out and will be specialized by section.  Some details are still being finalized.
  • Please email Nick if you have questions.
President’s Report:
  • Executive Board for for June, reviewed positions and got everyone up to speed
  • Scholarship information will be coming out by September 1st.  This is open to any band student to apply.  They will be due approximately October 1st and awarded that same month.
  • Covered hand out of areas of critical need and discussed open positions
  • An election will be held in October to elect a new 2nd VP/students accounts as Kathy Higinbotham will be stepping down from the position.
  • Please watch for Sign up Genius’s
  • Budget for June
    • Approximately $2,600 in - fees, SCRIP, Hershey ticket sales,Car Wash
    • Approximately $3,700 out - PO Box, Insurance, Banquet Awards, New Instruments
  • Please email Jaclyn for specific details/questions.
Vice President’s Report:
  • Accessory forms are being sent home tonight with the students.
  • The uniform room has been untouched since March 2020 and is in desperate need of a major clean up.  Teresa will be asking for people to sign up to help with this very soon.
  • The uniform room is also in need of new donations.  Please watch for a list that will be coming out soon.
  • No Report
2nd Vice President/Student Accounts:
  • Emailed statements will be coming out soon.
  • 1st payment was due July 8th, 2nd payment is due August 6th
Committee Reports:

  • We need someone to shadow Kate for Fundraising Chair
  • Band Aid Fundraiser starts tonight!  Drink the Gatorade, rinse out the bottle, collect loose change and bring the bottle of change back to participate in the ice cream party on Friday, July 30th at the end of band camp.
  • Car Wash - July 31st - the more kids the better!
  • Looking for chairs for the following fundraisers
    • CookieSales
    • Christmas Tree pick up
    • Yard Sale
Uniform Room: Covered under VP Report

Pit Crew: None

Chaperones:  None

  • Band Aid Fundraiser - 7/26-7/30
  • Car Wash - 7/31
Old Business:
  • Carlos and Dan still need to audit last years books
New Business:  None

  • Silvia Chicas is the winner of the $50 scholarship and that money will be applied to Jenny Maradiaga’s account.  Congratulations!
Next Booster Meeting:  August 9,2021@ 7:30 pm
Meeting Adjourned 7:04 pm (Denise/Krista)