Meeting Minutes

November 27, 2023

President – Moira Fisher
1st Vice President - Robin Marquart (cont)
2nd Vice President – Jo McManus
Treasurer – Kim Belisle
Secretary – Sherry McCoy Quinones
In Attendance:
Nick Gasemy (Director), Moira Fisher (President), Robin Marquart (1st VP), Jo McManus (2nd VP), Kim Belisle (Treasurer), Sherry McCoy Quinones (Secretary), Cindy Canizalles, Jen Anderson, Debbie Smith, Jaclyn Smith, Mark Carlson, Pamela Rojas

Rescheduled due to emergency
No exact numbers, but the BINGO gross is definitely more than last year
Signup genius is out for Breakfast with Santa. Cindy needs electric skillets. Needs gently used items for the shopping corner – the box is in the band room. Please bring items by Friday afternoon. Candy for the games. Flyers will go out next week. The Failacci’s are donating a griddle.
Thank you to Jacklyn for BINGO
Notice is going out about the meeting reschedule to Monday, November 27th 7pm in person at TJ, with a virtual option
End 7:13pm

Call to order Motion (Moira) (7:01pm)
        1st :  Kim Belisle
        2nd : Robin Marquart
October meeting’s minutes
                    Moved to December meeting
First Report - Nick Gasemy (Director)
  • States – thank you for making this happen and for the season running smoothly. Thank you to the boosters and the parents. As long as the students are having a good time, and they did. Loss of Deeya has hit really hard.
  • Breakfast with Santa – students have been talking about it. All hands on deck.
  • Next week is chaotic. Week looking ahead section is in the newsletter. Dress Rehearsal for Winter Concert is after school Monday, Concert is Tuesday, Ensemble Concert Wednesday. Kris Kringle arrival 5:30/6. They will leave school by 5:15. Kris Kringle info will be in newsletter. Route is W Patrick to N Market to 2nd to Baker Park. Equipment is going on a bus underneath storage has been requested.
  • Students might make recruitment videos after Santa workshop.
  • Disney rehearsal went well. Concert Band clinic, Color Guard will do Broadway workshop. Meeting 19th at TJ 7pm, or Oakdale on the 18th 7pm. MUST attend one of these.
  • Musical is Les Misérables and pit will begin rehearsals soon.
Second Report – Kim Belisle (Treasurer)
  • October Budget attached here
  • Highlights: $200 donation for scholarship fund. Ragin Reef $150
  • Biggest item is that there are unpaid fees which need collected asap. These missing funds will soon affect our program.
  • The BINGO was very successful – raising over 10K
  • Jaclyn – Bingo presale tickets were over $4K {{{get specific numbers from Jaclyn}}}. $9553 brought in
Third Report - Jo McManus (2nd Vice President)
Student Accounts need a better process for collection because so many accounts are past due, and the usual method for collection is not working. The board will work on this.
Fourth Report – Robin Marquart (1st Vice President)
Championship wear – 2 logos to vote on. Last year they had a nice quarter zip. Logo 2 is winning in the vote. Full zip hoodie for all seasons, or lighter weight ¼ zip wicking sports material. The Board is still looking at the budget before ordering. Logo design came through CANVA rather than outsourcing. Once it is approved by the board, students will be asked for their size. If students do not respond, their size is based on their uniform size. Hopefully the items will be in by next term – unlikely to be here by Disney.
Jen – planning for Disney, loading and unloading trucks and trailers. Will be looking for volunteers. Still looking for volunteers for Jazz Night(Moira), KIDA (Jen), and the end of year Banquet.

Fifth Report – Sherry McCoy Quinones (Secretary)  
Sixth Report – Moira Fisher (President)
Thank you to Jaclyn and her family for all of the years of BINGO success! And thank you to Gillian for taking over this fundraiser for next year
        Thank you to Denise and Rebecca for cookie sale
        7 Scholarship applications have been forwarded to an alumni committee

Seventh Report – Denise Failacci (Fundraising)
RaiseRight reports submitted to the board
Breakfast with Santa – Cindy and Denise
        Students assigned by sections
        Breakfast planning seems to be going well
        Flyers are ready to go and have been delivered to some of the schools
        Write a letter to Santa on the back of the flyer and receive $1 off
        Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Grinch coming
        Items for sale (knick knacks, Christmas decorations, old jewelry, games etc)
        Vendors can contact TJBandfundraiser to have a table to sell items
        Find Out First has been contacted and elementary schools have received flyers
  Sherry working on more restaurant dates
   Jo is organizing Christmas tree pickup

Other Discussion
Next meeting - December 18th VIRTUAL
Vote to Adjourn motion: Moira (7:30pm)
        1st Jaclyn
        2nd Jo
        Approved Unanimously