Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band
Frederick, Maryland
Meeting Minutes

August 23, 2020

Call to Order
It began at 7:36 pm and was presided over by Traci Poppert, with Ellen McGuinness as secretary.

Traci Poppert, Denise Failacci, Teresa Vaughn, Dan Failacci, Kathy Higinbotham, Jenn Duthoy, Jaclyn Smith, Moira Fisher, Ellen McGuinness, Kate Dudash, Nick Gasemy, Krista Allen-Bossaller

Approval of Previous Minutes
July minutes approved.  (Dan, 2nd Teresa, unanimous)

President’s Report -- Traci
  • Scholarship information coming soon.
  • Kids & Parents – sign up for the google group!  Bob Fowle is admin of the site.
  • Need a Remind-like app when traveling to competitions to stay in touch with parents.  Gasemy asking Hirschman for suggestions.
  • CRITICAL!!!  Open positions – 1) VP#2 (student accounts)  2) PIT CREW CHIEF  3) Fundraising Chair  4) Truck drivers – one to pull the trailer and a second to drive the Penske.  5) Senior Night
  • Stephanie Fitz-Simms = Showcase 9/9
  • Robin Marquort = cookies
  • Dan F = photographer
Director’s Report -- Mr. Gasemy
  • Drum equipment is coming in – it’s over budget, but Bryan gets an excellent discount through Old Line.
  • Tractors – two are toast, third maybe can be repaired?  Can we sell them (Joe Humbertson), or donate to CTC (Teresa).  Still need to purchase a GATOR.
  • Providing coffee and bagels for 8/28 sea crate cleanout.  Do we need a 3rd crate?
  • Props – Krakken, can they be repurposed?  Need bigger wheels.
  • Mr. Pereia – can weld and also drive the truck that pulls the trailer?  Give him advertising for his business on the TJ band trailer.
  • 9/3 football vs. N Hagerstown at Urbana High School – need chaperones.  Kids will play standing still and from stands, but not do the show.
  • Waiting for competition schedules to plan busses.
  • 9/9 = Showcase, at the end of rehearsal.
  • 10/15 Senior Night for band, football, and cheerleaders.
  • 10/8 – 8th grade move-up night?
  • Homecoming (10/30) is at TJ – no info about a parade yet.  Bonfire?
VP1 – Teresa
  • Needs help getting kids in uniforms.
  • Got all approvals and paperwork for band booster meetings in the TJ building (Mr. Kurtz’s room).
Treasurer – Jaclyn
  • Report shared.
  • $4475.72 in/ $206.49 out -- +$1275 car washes, +$373.65 scrip, +$2828.77 band fees, -$55 stamps, -$151.49 bingo permits.
  • Working with Nick to spend $ on instruments, etc.
  • $2K for field supplies – yardline markers?
VP2 (Student Accounts) – Kathy
  • Still collecting fees.  See Kathy Higinbotham for balances.
  • Nine band members have not paid anything so far – emails and phone calls have been made.
  • Kathy will work with the new VP moving forward.
Secretary – Ellen
  • None.
  • Kate is helping through December – need a new chairperson (management position)
  • Bingo 9/26 will happen in Lewistown.  Will need kids to sell 2 tickets each. (Kathy Renn) $25 each.  If kids don’t pay for tickets the cost will be added to their band account.  Need 10-12 helpers (noon-3pm).  Kathy Renn has obtained all silent auction items and game sponsors.  Lewistown is running the show.  The first 10 kids to turn in Bingo $$ will get $10 gift cards to Oscars.  There are still extra tickets available ($25 in advance, $30 at door).  Please share flyers on social media!
  • 11/14 = Wine Spin-the-Bottle (Traci)
  • Looking into Breakfast with Santa off site.
  • Greenery – need someone to take over.
  • Stephanie Fitz-Ens = picnic
  • Scrip = Denise Failacci – more people are using it.  Some have already used scrip $$ to pay off band fees.
  • Restaurant Nights = Krista Allen-Bossaller
  • Kitchenette = Marien Hornyak
  • Cookie Sales -- Robin
  • Tree Pick Up – need volunteers with a pick-up truck.
  • Concessions = Danielle Wilfong
  • KIDA = Mike Hillman
  • Sheets?
  • Coin drive – kids forgot?  Extend or hold again in September?
Uniforms  (Teresa)
  • Accessories – order only what you need.  If you’re unsure, ask!
  • Trouble outsourcing compression shirts – Grimes?  Dance school?  Moira Fisher asking UHS.
  • Guard uniforms need to be washed – some that were going to be sold had to thrown out (damaged).  Krista washing ones that can be salvaged.
  • Uniform room is CLEAN!
Old Business
  • 9/25 audit 20-21 books (Jaclyn picking up from accountant 9/24).  Dan F & Carlos Sloane.
New Business
  • Friends & Family Preview = Thursday 9/9 = dress rehearsal for 9/11 event.
  • No picnic this year.
  • Need a Pit Crew Chief.