Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band
Frederick, Maryland
Meeting Minutes

August 10, 2020

Virtually Present:  Carlos & Sonia Slone, Dan & Denise Failacci, Kate & Erik Dudash, Nick Gasemy, Trish Abell, Jacklyn & Jade Smith, Kathy HIginbotham, Sarina Hart, Beth White, Robin Marquart

Call to Order
Meeting teleconference began at 7:34pm and was presided over by Carlos Slone, with Dan Failacci as secretary.

Approval of Previous Minutes:
July Booster Meeting minutes approved. (Kate/Jacklyn)

President’s Report:  Executive Board met for August.
  • Executive Board met twice in the last week, discussing the budget and how to minimize our costs as much as possible.  We have a target goal, and we are trying to stay within it.  Wait for Nick to make the final announcement about cost and payment schedule.
  • Thanks to Nick, and executive board, for being flexible while we are working through these changing times.
  • There will be some kind of new member meeting
Vice President’s Report: 
  • Thanks to everyone who signed up for band camp supplies.  With the FCPS change in stance, when we figure out our new needs, a new sign-up genius will be coming out.
  • No report
  • Budget for July
    • Expenses - $75 for Tech Soup (Quickbooks accounting software)
    • Income - ~$2k, from car washes, SCRIP and Hershey Park tickets
    • We already paid a competition fee of $560 to BOA for this season (which was cancelled).  Board agreed to request a refund of this fee instead of applying towards next year.
  • As always, ask Jacklyn for specific details/questions.
Directors Report:
  • Been a very busy week – with the FCPS reversal of extra/co-curricular activities.
    • More paperwork to fill out now that things have been re-instated.
    • We will be trying to align with athletics, since our activities are both in the same situation.  So there will be an additional health form required.
  • Guidelines – High School Governing Board has partnered with studies and created new guidelines
    • Face coverings must be worn while playing – meaning we need masks with slits in them so the students can still play
    • Bell covers are required
    • There is a maximum time the group can be together
    • Nick investigating purchasing the needed masks/bellcovers, but it might be easier to make our own.  We have a very talented set of resources just within our band family.
    • Due to these new guidelines, the board will have to meet again to discuss the fall budget to set final dues pricing.
  • Virtual Band Camp still happening
    • Nick needs to talk to staff to set the schedule.
    • Most likely afternoon/evenings – in shifts – 2 hours max, split by section
  • Equipment pickup – Everyone will have a flag/rifle/instrument (based on your group)
    • Google form coming out within the next day or so.  Nick is allowed to go into the school to prepare instruments for distribution, but will need to know what to prepare for distribution.  Nick does need to talk to administration as well to figure out the school rules.  Most likely distribution will be next Monday – Aug 17
  • Percussion will be difficult this year, but we will work on multiple facets of percussion, not just the instrument are you playing.
  • We have a lot of low brass this year – which is a good problem to have.  Just not sure we have enough Baritones.  There are some trombones – if you don’t already have one at home and would like to play that instead.  There is one more Tuba available as well.
  • There will be a contract that must be completed for our fall “season”.  There will also be a health form required now – which will be important for in-person instruction.  Both will be google forms and are required.
  • Still working on the logistics of what we can do.  We can march and we can drill – but we cannot march/drill and play.  Focus will be on playing and performing.
  • There will be a new member meeting.  Mr. Kurtz ran a nice google meeting for AFA.  Nick will talk to Mr. Kurtz and do a similar format for our new member meeting.  Will be part of schedule sent out once we get it finalized.
Student Accounts:
  • New accounts have been created for the fall season.  However, we are missing contact information for a number of students.  All previous year senior accounts have made inactive.  
Committee Reports

  • One more car wash on the schedule – this Saturday 8/15/20.  The morning slots are filled, but could still use help in the afternoon.  Ellen working on 2 additional car washes:  one for September and another for October.  There are a number of Tuscarora HS students that attend the church where we are doing our car washes, and THS has asked if we would be willing to do the Sept/Oct car washes as co-fundraisers.  We have agreed to do that.
  • Committee meeting held on 7/20 at Kate’s house.  The committee voted to cancel Bingo for September.  The committee felt there would not be enough of a turnout based on current restrictions to make it worthwhile.  It is currently rescheduled for May 2021.
  • Individual fundraisers –
    • Can only do ones that do not require in-person pickup
    • Will be doing greenery sales in October
    • Mixed bag/Yankee Candle will be available this year
    • SCRIP – If new to the program, talk to Denise Failacci for more information
      • 11 families participated in July
      • Denise working on an email with program details
  • We did not do Christmas tree pickup last year, as we had no pick-up trucks for use, but would like to do that this year as a fundraiser.  Need pickup truck.  Robin Marquart is an HR manager for Enterpirse and has offered her services for any vehicles rentals we may need.
  • As of the meeting, there were 5 Hershey park tickets left for sale - $35/each.  They are valid through Sept 2021.  Those were sold during the meeting and are no longer available.
Uniform Report:
  • Trish has all the website information for the uniforms.  She will hold onto the information/account for now to help train a new person for the uniform room.
Pit Crew report:


The Executive Board will convene after the booster meeting has concluded to finalize fall budget.

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