Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band
Frederick, Maryland
Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2019

Present:  Dan Failacci, Trish Abell, Kate & Erik Dudash, Mike Hillman, Scott & Hillary Lewis, Kim Stevens, Greg Anderson, Jaclyn Smith, Shari Nakamoto, Dana Cunningham, Nick Gasemy, Laura Busch, Lori Morris, Carla Moran
Call to Order
Meeting began at 7:32 pm and was presided over by Mike Hillman, with Dan Failacci as secretary.

Approval of Previous Minutes:
July Booster Meeting minutes approved (Hillary/Lori).  

Deposit due 9/12 – but you can send in commitment forms/money IF your band fees are current.
  • Expecting final cost to be a little lower than projected
  • Priced out truck to haul trailer - ~$700 /week unlimited miles + fuel (estimate $4-500)
  • Bus from hotel to workshop - $550.  If workshop a gondola stop, could save money there
  • Probably use taxis for guards workshop
President’s Report:  Executive Board met for August.  
  • Budget reviewed as always
  • Thank You’s
    • Ellen McGuinnes – organizing the car washes
    • Doug Johnson – building the props
    • Dana Cunningham – taking the lead on Disney and Band-Aid
    • Jaclyn Smith – Band Camp Popsicles
    • Greg & Theresa Anderson – Organizing Band Camp dinners
  • Discussion of AFA booster idea with board still ongoing – will need supplemental meeting.
  • Need an announcer for Senior night
  • 12/14 Breakfast with Santa
  • SCRIP – A great program that can help raise money for students band account without spending additional money.  Just change the way you spend your money.  Contact Rhonda Hillman ( for more info.
Vice President’s Report:  
  • Band Picnic – Sept 7, 2019 @ Monocacy Village pavilion.  Jill P/Missy C. coordinating (but won’t be there).  Sign up genius to come out for picnic help.  Bidwell will be doing photos again this year.  Flyers coming home tonight
  • 8/29 - Back to School night
  • 10/18 - Senior night
  • Anyone interested in grant writing?  The season is open from July – Sept 15, with Frederick County and Ausherman participating.  Jaclyn Smith will get templates from Erik and see what she can submit on the band booster behalf.
  • Brought in forms to record volunteer hours.  Don’t forget to sign in  
  • See attached budget
  • As always, ask Dana for specific details/questions.
  • 2018/19 – Received $222 for Hershey tickets, paid out $444 for banquet awards
  • 2019/20
    • $22.4k in/$9.1k out 
    • Sold some old uniforms/flags
    • Fundraising has really helped provide cushion for Disney
    • Thanks to the Vaughn family for donating new frames for the marimbas and other bangy-things with wheels (technical Mike Hillman term)
Directors Report:   (Mr. Gasemy)
  • Big THANK YOU to everyone that helped make Nick’s first solo band camp a good one.  It was a lot of work, but fun as well.  The show is coming together nicely.  
  • First 2 movements are on the field and working on the 3rd (winds already started looking at the music)
  • 8/20 is Community Day – Patriot Palooza.  Event will be at 2 locations simultaneously and we will support both events with whatever we can put together.  Wear TJ apparel.  Low key.  There will be free Rita’s for whomever can support.
  • 8/29 – Back to School night:  No Rehearsal
  • 9/2 – No rehearsal – moving to 9/3 instead (first day of school).
  • 9/7 – Friends and Family showcase
Student Accounts       (Kathy on vacation):
  • Email to come out – Cannot sign up for Disney if you owe any fees in your account.
Committee Reports

  • Meeting after booster meeting concludes to discuss fundraising business
  • Handout provided with list of fundraisers.  Yellow spaces still could use a chairperson.  It’s a team effort so you won’t be going it alone
  • Email to come out with fundraising dates to help plan for individual fundraisers for your students account.
  • Not selling mattresses this year – going to do monthly restaurant nights instead.
    • 9/18 – Manhattan Pizza (20% of every sale from 4-9pm).  Will go out through Find Out First as well
    • October – Oscars Ale House (will be all day) – get 10% of days profit + silent auction
    • November – Nidos/Wine Tasting
  • Coupon books should be available by end of August
  • Greenery will be individual
  • SCRIP ongoing
  • Need cookie coordinator for October cookie sale.  Need 1400 cookies so start looking through your recipes and find those yummy Halloween/fall themed cookies to make.  Not too early to start – they freeze well
Uniform Report:
  • Guard shoes arrived today.
  • Dinkles arrived, but order was messed up.  Half the sizes were in wide (no wides ordered).
  • Order placed for black band/red guard shirts
  • Need to resupply gloves
  • Senior shirt/jacket order going to Grimes tomorrow.  Approx 2-3 weeks for shirt/jackets
  • Ironing done
Pit Crew report:

Jamie working on Chaperone list and spirit wear.  Expect emails to be coming out soon

Old Business:

New Business:  
Board working on scholarship process to try to get it out earlier and try to make available more than once a year.

MEETING ADJOURNED 8:10 PM  (Scott/Jaclyn)