Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band
Frederick, Maryland
Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2019

Present:  Kate Dudash, Mike Hillman, Kim Stevens, Dana Cunningham, Nick Gasemy, Kathy Higinbotham, Greg and Theresa Anderson, JC Toney, Pam Berg, Barbara Kemp, Katie Conley, Teresa Vaughn, Sheri Nakamoto, Scott Lewis, Alexa Bedwell
Call to Order
Meeting began at 7:34 pm and was presided over by Mike Hillman, with Kathy Higinbotham serving as secretary.

Approval of Previous Minutes:
November Booster Meeting minutes approved (Teresa/Barbara).

  • Still a few incomplete forms
  • Last payment due Thursday 12/12
    • Risk not going if payment not received on time
  • Bus for students for the airport will be leaving TJ at 1:45 pm.  Will be 2 busses
  • Coming home – parents are required to pick up students on 1/19/20 @ approx. 11pm @ BWI
  • Snack boxes priority – student/staff/chaperone.  If there is room, fans can send things on truck for the students.
President’s Report:  Executive Board met for December.  
  • Budget reviewed as always
  • Thank You’s:
    • Dudash’s for Oscar’s.  Good turnout, with lots of alumni parents 
    • Katie Conley for coordinating Breakfast with Santa
    • Dana / Kathy – Disney planning
    • Dana – for dealing with fraudulent bank charges
  • AFA partnership for summer camps
    • Dana did research about folding AFA into boosters.  Too much to encompass at this time for treasurer and significant changes to by-laws would be required.
    • Would serve as leadership opportunities for upper classmen
    • Could use camps as fundraisers
    • Will meet with Mr. Kurtz – providing bullets points from the board meeting.
Vice President’s Report:  
  • Will be a supply drive to re-supply uniform room
    • Need deodorant, bandaids, make up remover, etc
  • Show shirts for indoor – only one run.  Plan to get shirts done by first show
  • Don’t forget to sign in and keep track of those volunteer hours. 
  • All of the thank you tax donation letters have been sent out.  If you donated to the band and did not receive a letter for tax purposes, please let me know and I will take care of it.   
  • See attached budget
  • As always, ask Dana for specific details/questions.
  • Had to deal with ~$10k fraudulent charges on debit card
    • Rectified already by bank.  Money have been refunded
  • Disney tickets paid for
  • Indoor bundle paid for – floor, uniforms
  • Deposit paid for guard floor, uniforms
  • Disney passes paid for, hotel will be paid for tomorrow
 Directors Report:  (Mr. Gasemy)
  • Busy week – 
    • Indoor percussion - Monday 
    • Dress rehearsal - Wednesday
    • Concert - Thrusday
    • Kris Kringle parade – Friday
    • Breakfast with Santa - Saturday
  • Kids signing up for setup/Breakfast with Santa/Cleanup.  Pizza will be served for set up
  • 3 options on the table for next school year.  FCPS will need to decide before band camp dates can be set.  Most probably – band camp will be last 2 weeks of July
  • Percussion concert Tuesday 7pm
  • Feeder pattern concert Tuesday 1/7/20, all are encouraged to attend.  Not mandatory for middle school
  • Semester ends 1/28/20
  • Disney trip 1/15/20 – 1/19/20
  • Indoor props bundle picked up Saturday by Dudash family (Thank you)
  • Sold floor from last year
  • Fitting for indoor is next Saturday 12/14
  • 3-4 Chaperones needed for Kris Kringle.  3 busses needed as well.. Marching even if it rains – unless parade cancelled.  We are usually last before Santa in the parade
  • Disney parade Friday @2:30 – subject to change
Student Accounts:
  • Transferring money for Disney
  • Must pay for outdoor fees to participate in indoor.
Committee Reports

  • Breakfast with Santa – open slots, especially cleanup.  See sign up genius
    • Can still use old Christmas cards, card stock and griddles, buttons and ornaments
  • November made $3k – restaurant nights/SCRIPs
  • ~$2k Oscars - $1200 from auction, $800 from food.  Invited back for next September
  • No restaurant night for January, February – Coal Fire Pizza
  • Concessions at concerts – food/drinks/magnets/bracelets
  • Bingo – 5/2/20.  Look for tickets.  Every student expected to sell 2 tickets.
  • Don’t forget – can get Disney gift cards on SCRIP
Uniform Report:
  • Carla and Laura have taken over
  • Everyone measured for concert wear
  • Hemming being done
  • Trish covering Kris Kringle and Disney 
Pit Crew report:

Early January, indoor chaperone sign up genius will be coming out.


Old Business:
Disney meeting January 8, 2020 @ 7:30.  Mandatory for all attending the trip.  Expectations will be explained during the meeting and last minute details.

New Business: