Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band
Frederick, Maryland
Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2020

Virtually Present:  Dan & Denise Failacci, Dana Cunningham, Kathy Higinbotham, Greg & Theresa Anderson, Kate & Erik Dudash, Mike Hillman, Nick Gasemy, Traci Poppert, Jaclyn Smith, Scott & Hillary Lewis, Teresa Vaughn, Kim Stevens, Trish Abell, Courtney Lott-Gray, Sheri Nakamoto

Call to Order
Meeting teleconference began at 7:30pm and was presided over by Mike Hillman, with Dan Failacci as secretary.

Approval of Previous Minutes:
April Booster Meeting minutes approved (Erik/Kathy).

President’s Report:  Executive Board met for May.  
  • Budget reviewed as always
  • Upcoming events reviewed:
    • Bingo moved to September
    • Band banquet not looking very likely to happen
    • New Member meeting TBD
  • Thank You:
    • Kate for heading up the Nominating Committee
    • Kathy and Jacklyn for bingo planning
Vice President’s Report:  
  • Received email from FCPS facilities.  All facility requests are cancelled until further notice.  Unsure if this will affect band camp.  Currently we cannot schedule anything for next year either.
  • There are chairperson positions that need to be filled for next year.  
  • Still in need to volunteer hours.
  • Also special thanks to Tom Kurdt for setting up and hosting our WebEx Annual booster meeting, allowing us to continue our operations as we can.  
  • Major expenses for the month –
    • $2.3k in / $1.4k out.  Paid charitable organization fee (based on our income), stamps.  Doug Johnson was reimbursed for KIDA signage
    • Donations received from Leprechaun Luau.  Thanks to Mike Hillman for donating his individual Leprechaun Luau donation to the scholarship fund.
    • Received ~$720 in Bingo donations, $252 from Hershey Park tickets, $200 for KIDA trophy donation.  $590 for SCRIP for April
  • As always, ask Dana for specific details/questions.
Directors Report:
  • Not much to report.
  • Still lots of questions. Nick to set up google meet to allow students to ask questions
  • Currently playing band camp by ear.
  • Email sent with the latest updates Nick has.
  • Leadership applications sent out for next year.
  • Nick reaching out to middle school teachers
  • Looking for any good recordings/audio of cadence if anyone has any.
Student Accounts:
  • Sent out emails to seniors w/credit balances and who still owe.  3-4 still need to respond
Committee Reports

  • We still have fundraising to do
  • Hershey park tickets will be mailed to the address on file.  Good through 9/1
  • Encourage signing up for SCRIP.  You can choose who gets the donations
  • Car washes on for the summer if Wolf’s opens up (July/Aug)
  • Bingo rescheduled for Sunday 9/13.  Goal is to get 150 people.
Uniform Report:

Pit Crew report:



Old Business:

New Business:
By-laws motion:  Add the following update (blue underlined) to Section 11.4 of the by-laws:
Section 11.4 Checks, Drafts, Withdrawals, or Other Orders to Pay
All checks, drafts, withdrawals, or other orders for the payment of money shall be authorized by the President and/or the Treasurer, and signed by the duly authorized officers of the Boosters or as shall from time to time be determined by resolution of the Board.   Two authorized officers of the Boosters, who are related by blood or marriage, may not co-sign any check, draft, withdrawal or other order for the payment of money.
The outgoing Treasurer must provide new signature cards by July 1 for banking purposes.
All account activity during each monthly period shall be reported to the Board.

Board Elections:  
Here is the ballot presented at the meeting for next year’s positions.  
President  Carlos Slone
1st VP Erik Dudash
2nd VP/Student Accts Kathy Higinbotham
Treasurer Jacklyn Smith
Secretary Dan Failacci
Congratulations to our elected board members for 2020-21 season:
President  Carlos Slone
1st VP Erik Dudash
2nd VP/Student Accts Kathy Higinbotham
Treasurer Jacklyn Smith
Secretary Dan Failacci

All new board members (Jacklyn/Carlos) will be invited to June  board meeting.

MEETING ADJOURNED  8:03 PM  (Carlos/Jacklyn)