Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band
Frederick, Maryland
Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2019

Present:  Dan Failacci, Trish Abell, Kathy Higinbotham, Kate Dudash, Mike Hillman, Hillary & Scott Lewis, Dana Cunningham, Teresa Vaughn, Theresa & Greg Anderson, Jaclyn Smith, Nick Gasemy

Call to Order
Meeting began at 7:31pm and was presided over by Mike Hillman, with Dan Failacci as secretary.

Approval of Previous Minutes: April Booster Meeting minutes approved (Kate/Hillary).  

President’s Report:  Executive Board met for May.  
  • Mr Kurtz met with Board to review AFA proposal to fall under booster organization.  Still being discussed by the board.
  • Budget reviewed as always
  • 2017-18 books were audited.  No issues were found.
  • Marching budget for 2019-20 still being worked
  • New dates proposed to county for Disney
  • Upcoming events reviewed:
    • 5/14 – Chipolte (near Wegmans)
  • Thank You:
    • Traci, Erik, Jaclyn for Yard sale and Jazz night
    • Missy & Sonia for the band banquet
    • Mr. Gasemy for fantastic Spring concert.
Vice President’s Report: (Erik out)  
  • Uniform bags delivered.  Looking for anyone with a cricket (scrapbooking machine) to help with labels for the bags.  Contact Kate
  • Need volunteer to step up and help coordinate band camp dinners.  See Erik if you can help
  • Volunteer hours submitted:  5363 (down 700 from last year).  Thanks to everyone who took time to volunteer last year.  I’ll be looking for you in the upcoming year to continue to help out.
  • Forms will be provided at booster meetings to assist people in recording hours.
  • ~ $7.5k incoming (banquet)/$4.9k outgoing (expenses and banquet) for the month
    • Banquet – 2017:  $3500 in/$4000 out.  2018:  $3962 in/$3173 out (minus custodial).  We normally pay our for banquet
  • Received letter from IRS:  In Sept we got bill owing $4k (late filing plus interest).  Dana wrote letter to see if we could be forgiven since we are a non-profit organization.  We have been forgiven by IRS, but taxes need to be done on time.
  • Paid music copyright and arrangement for fall
  • Still fighting with Maryland about state sales tax.
  • As always, ask Dana for specific details/questions.
Directors Report:
  • Leadership for marching band has been posted
  • Master class in concert – 2nd Marine brass quintet performed for the students
  • Working with Mr. Kurtz and other teachers/administrators to iron out the remainder of the schedule
Student Accounts:
  • 114 students on the list – 86 have no balance or credit
  • 13 people still owe > $100, 15 owe < $100
Committee Reports

  • Met fundraising goal for the year.  Thanks for everyone’s help/support.
  • Chipolte tomorrow 4-8 near Wegmans
  • Car washes:  6/22, 7/13, 7/27, 8/3, 8/10 @ Wolfe Furniture Rt 40
  • Will need help with fundraising committee next year (restaurant nights/Xmas tree pickup/KIDA/Jazz Nite).  Please consider helping out if you can.
Uniform Report:
Selling a lot of flags, will re-inventory after practice starts.

Pit Crew report:
Doug Johnson new pit crew chief!!!  Still need ¾ ton pickup to pull big trailer (rated for 10,000 lbs)


Old Business:

New Business:

Board Elections:  
Here is the ballot presented at the meeting for next year’s positions.  
President  Mike Hillman
1st VP Erik Dudash
2nd VP/Student Accts Kathy Higinbotham
Treasurer Dana Cunningham
Secretary Dan Failacci

Congratulations to our elected board members for 2019-20 season:
President Mike Hillman
1st VP Erik Dudash
2nd VP/Student Accts Kathy Higinbotham
Treasurer Dana Cunningham
Secretary Dan Failacci

All new board members (Kathy) will be invited to Jun 3 board meeting.

MEETING ADJOURNED 8:07 PM  (Theresa/Greg)